If you’re looking to create glamour, dramatic lashes will do most of the work for you.

Fiber Mascara or Eyelash Extensions can both achieve this easily by giving your lashes more length and volume.

So the questions is, which one?

Well, life is made of choices...


In truth, the 3D Fiber Mascara and Eyelash Extensions are both good options for looking like hotness. It just depends which is your cup of tea. 

Fiber Mascara vs Eyelash Extensions



Some people are unable to get eyelash extensions, some have allergies to lash glue while some cannot get extensions as they are perpetual “eyerubbers”. Then there are those with ridiculously curly lashes which causes lash extensions to lift. For others, 1 - 2hrs is an investment in time that they cannot afford, while for others it is the financial cost. 

Then there is the condition of the lashes.  Some people’s lashes are too limp or sparse to support an extension.

In these circumstances, 3D Fiber Lash Mascara is a godsend.

3D Fiber Lash Mascara is a formula that builds volume by using dry fibers and a special gel formula. The result is noticeably more dramatic lashes.


* 300% more length, volume and thickness to your eyelashes

* The fibers contain natural green tea extract while the special gel formula contains collagen to improve the fullness and condition of your lashes.

* Highly water-resistant - it does not come off even after a session of swimming or crying.

* Easily removable with the use of your everyday make-up removers.

* The 3D Fiber Lash Mascara is not harmful at all. In fact, it is highly suitable and safe for contact wearers.

* It is low maintenance.

* It cannot be overlooked that the price tag for mascara is much more affordable as well.  So, this means yoga pants will no longer be a uniform. You can buy sexy shoes E.V.E.R.Y MONTH (if you desire).

* With 3D Fiber Mascara, you can use your oil based skincare, castor oil for your lashes or serums. With eyelash extensions, oil based cleansers and eye creams actually cause the extensions to fall out faster. 

“Those with fine, limp and short lashes really benefit from using fiber mascara!" says makeup artist Allan Avendaño. "It gives them more building power and gives a more dense/full and longer effect than regular mascara." 



Eyelash extensions are not a DIY affair.  Here you have lashes professionally applied to your natural lashes with a specialised lash glue, which is designed to keep them in place for weeks.

Your lash technician, if you find the right one, will become your fairy godmother. Over time she will become familiar with your whole life. Everything from the details of your family to your menstrual cycle will most likely be discussed and remain safe within the sacred walls of the lash temple. Failing this, you will at least have a nice 1 hour nap every appointment.


* You never have to wear mascara while you have extensions.

* Lash Extensions are water resistant

* “I woke up like this”

* “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS” (worthy of another mention)

*You will be provided with a pampering experience. Sometimes we just need that.

* They look fabulous. More dramatic than mascara.

* Lash extensions deliver the lashes you want with one appointment.

*Lash extensions last longer. They will stay looking good for 2 to 3 weeks. With regular fills, your lash extensions will last indefinitely.




Regardless of which lash journey you choose and the reasons why, the end product will be the same: Enhanced Lashes 😊

I have tried both and love both.

Neither choice will diminish your attractiveness. Both will intensify your lashes creating more drama and attention for your eyes.