Essential Lash Supplies for Future Techs: Lash Tweezers and Types

Picking the right eyelash tweezer and lash supplies can be a daunting exercise with so many varieties available.

We’ve made it easier for you to find the perfect tweezer, that suits your lashing ability, hand and style of lashing. To save money on your lash supplies it is sensible to choose items (including tweezers) which have a multi use, with tweezers this is very easily accomplished as they can be used for multiple styles of lashing. 

Luckily tweezers are not expensive, so we recommend getting a couple of different types to try and see what suits you as an individual. There is absolutely no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ tweezer - as it is up to the individual of what feels comfortable for them.  

  1. Curved Tweezer 

  • Sit nicely against the eyelid when coming in for isolation and because of the curve allow a clear visual of the lash line. 
  • Can additionally be used for pick up of some pre-made fans and all classic extensions. 
  • Have a little more flexibility with the positioning of your wrist and hand when lashing.

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2. Curved Angle Tweezer



  • The most versatile tweezer available as you can isolate, pick up fans & classic as well as make volume fans with these wee beautiful tweezers. 
  • Fine point which makes visual of the lash line very easy.
  • Relatively cheap for the quantity of use you can get from these.
  • Essential to get as part of your lash supplies 
  • Perfect for both beginners and experienced technicians 

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3. Straight Tweezers

  • Mainly used for isolating, however some people use them for pick up of classic lashes too. 
  • Important to keep the point well protected. 

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4. Volume Tweezers

  • Limited to making fans as not ideal for isolation
  • Each volume tweezer is slightly different and will have it’s own unique ‘sweet spot’ so it will be up to you to find that sweet spot on your tweezer

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    A few important tips for your lash supplies, namely tweezers;

    1. Always store tweezers with their caps. The points are very delicate and any knock can make them useless.
    2. Have a second / back up pair of tweezers always available! If you damage your tweezers mid set, and don’t have a back up, you won’t be able to finish the set. 

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    P.S there are also so many fun colours and patterns of each tweezer! Check out these babies. 

    Bubble-licious PINK Tweezers


    'Tiffany' Teal & Gold Tweezers 

    Perfect Volume Tweezers V001

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