I once read on the internet (so who knows if it is true or not) but supposedly 68% of customers leave because they feel the company is indifferent to them. Not because of slow service, not because they found a better price somewhere else, but because they do not feel appreciated.

We have compiled a few fab ideas of ways you can say thanks to your customers for their continued support. But by no means are all these ideas limited to just doing over the Christmas period. They can be used throughout the year as special, little promotional things you can do to keep your customers interested in your business.

Customer Appreciation Gifts & Christmas Gift Ideas

A Christmas Gift Under the Tree:

As a kid I looooooved ‘Lucky Dips’ (still do if I am honest) so do a promotion over Christmas and into New Year. For every client that books in they get to choose a gift from the Christmas Tree. 

Place the gifts inside Christmas decoration balls (you can easily buy ones that you can open from places like the Reject Shop, Target etc.) and then let your clients play the game of choosing one!

There are a million ideas for gifts you can place on your tree;

  • Vouchers for your salon
  • Movie Tickets
  • Lotto Tickets/Scratch Lotto Tickets
  • Mini Cosmetics
  • Cute pens or stationery
  • Chocolates
  • Collagen Lip Masks

Lash Aftercare Packages:

Locks Lash have put together the cutest Aftercare Packages which you can either sell to your clients or give them away as gifts.

Lollie Jars / Lollie Pops / Chocolates / Cookies / Cup Cakes with your salon name:

This is such a great, fun, creative and also yummy promotional tool you can use and not just over the Christmas period. It is also relatively cheap to get ones made up with your salon name in them.

Or you could totally get your creativity on and start baking and make your own cookies and put them in cute packaging.

Here are a few links to different companies that can custom make them for you (please note these are not companies that we have personally tried.)





Christmas Cards:

Not exactly a brand new concept ha! However, in the electronic age with so many e-cards, e-mails, e-vouchers, e-receipts, a hand written personalised note goes a loooooong way.

It is also a perfect opportunity to include a form of incentive for the customer to come into your salon like a gift voucher. 

You could even place in them a movie ticket for the really loyal customers.

I also recently saw on Vistaprint that you can get personalised Christmas Cards made up with photos etc for very cheaply.

Fun Lotto Scratch Card Tree

These are just awesome and look so much fun to make and clients would really get into them!

Impulsive Gifts:

Sometimes the best gifts are ones which are totally not expected and the customer has no expectation of receiving a gift.

A local cafe that I frequently visit, gave me a free coffee the other day simply to say ‘thanks’ for my business. I was so impressed and my automatic reaction was a huge sense of continued loyalty to this coffee shop.

In a lot of ways gifts like these are actually the most meaningful and sincere and should often be used in business.

A Charity Drive Gift Tree:

One year in a salon we owned we had on our Christmas Tree small cards that customers could buy which went to Christmas presents for under privileged children. This was a huge success especially because a majority of our clients were mothers themselves and the thought of kids going without love and presents at Christmas made them willing to donate.

There are many charities that to this that you can sign up for. They also provide promotional material for you to display.

This also is not something that could be done just over Christmas but also throughout the year. 

Thank You Lollie Bags:

Here is a wonderful idea that you could do throughout the year. Make up some little tags with an inspirational quote, or lash aftercare tip, or just saying ‘thank you’, fill a small bag with some yummy lollies or chocolates and give them to your clients. Make sure you include your company name and all contact details. 

 Fancy Fortune Cookies:

Not so big in Australia, but huge in America are Fortune Cookies. I loooooove them and you can get really humorous and witty with them too!

Put a bowl of them on your counter, add them to a Goodie Bag, get them personalised to your salon.

Goodie Gift Bags

Give each customer a little Goodie Gift Bag when they come into your salon. Include in it a voucher, referral information or rewards, some chocolate, a Collagen Lip Mask, a Christmas Note. The possibilities are endless!


From the team at Locks Lash, we wish you success, happy customers and a jolly good Christmas!

Love Jess