We know you've thought about it 👀

How many of you have opened Tiktok or Instagram Reels and the first thing that pops up is someone doing their own eyelash extensions? I know I have. My first thought when I see this is ‘OUCH’ 🤕

It bewilders me how this can be executed safely without your eyes burning from the glue fumes plus your eyes drying out and the fact that sharp tweezers are aiming straight for my eyeball 😵

In all honesty, have I personally tried this? Yes, I have, as curiosity got the better of me. From personal experience my eyes would not stop watering, trying to blink whilst my eyelids are taped quite tightly to my forehead. I did try my hardest to try and complete a full set of lashes on myself, but I got as far as 3 fans on the outer corner before I gave up. I also have so many natural lashes, filtering through the layers with my isolation tweezers gives me chills 🫣

If the above has not scared you away from attempting I am not too sure what could. When learning lashes we talk about the dangers of lash glue and if it does come into contact with our eyes and the literal fact that could possibly go blind or worse accidentally flinch or sneeze and our beautifully sharpened tweezers stab our forehead, eyelid or even our eyes 😖

Talk about a true horror story right?

So PLEASE do not attempt!!