As a lash tech, sometimes you can get too ahead of yourself when thinking about the ‘perfect’ set up for your room. Things need to be pretty, things need to be clean, things need to look inviting and warm and glittery and PINK! Sorry, I got ahead of myself just thinking about it…


This is what makes creating your own lash business/salon so much fun, HOWEVER, we cannot forgot the most important thing before all of that. Obviously, you want to be a good tech. THAT’S the first thing- know your shit and be good at it. If you don’t, just get in touch with our training team (training@lockslash.com.au) and they’ll hook you up with the perfect class suited to you and what skills you want for either Classic Extensions, Volume Extensions, Lash Lift or a bunch of our Online Courses.

But let’s just say you’ve already got those skills under your belt…The next most important thing is COMFORT.




It’s pretty simple really, if you think about all the times you’ve ever had a beauty treatment and whether you loved it or hated, most times it’s probably because it was not great quality AND you just didn’t feel good in the space.




I once had a terrible first experience when going to get a back massage. The first thing I noticed was no music and not really much communication about what I was meant to do, where I was meant to go. There was a creepy massage table that made me feel like a Heffalump on it, no oil, no talking and mainly consisted of this guy putting a towel over my behind and digging into my muscles with some weird looking ruler thing which may or may not have worked, I’ll never know because I was so UNCOMFORTABLE the whole time. Now thinking about it, that place was SHADDY AF. Needless to say, I never went back and unfortunately it’s a story I tell quite a bit so I certainly don’t recommend it.



The purpose of that story is that there were so many aspects that were awkward in the service from the moment I walked in to when I walked out and so didn’t bring about an experience that I would ever want to pay for again.





Any lash/brow/wax/etc beauty service is a luxury service. We ‘need’ it because we want it and have the privilege to do so. So whenever you book an appointment, you want the end product of pretty nails or softer skin but you want to ENJOY getting it done. You want to FEEL like you’re doing something lovely for yourself.

So if the bed is super uncomfortable and giving you back pain 20 mins into your lash appointment or the nail tech doesn’t put hand cream and so just digs at your cuticles whilst you’re in pain (that's a whole other traumatic experience I won't go into), it’s not going to feel good, no matter how friendly the tech is.



HOW TO: Walk into your lash room and put yourself in your clients shoes for a second. Lie on your lash bed- is it comfortable? Would YOU fall asleep on it? Get honest with yourself about this because if it means you need to invest a little more $$$ in a proper bed or Locks Lash Perfect Pillow & Shelf (shameless plug hey), then do it. THAT is one of the differences between a booked out tech and one who’s not.




Your clients are putting their trust in you. Remember you’re working with sharp tweezers, glue, strong wax- we’ve all heard and seen the horror stories. Without the right training, you could do some serious damage! So when you’ve got your shit together and it SHOWS, not just in your attitude but in the environment of your lash space, then it makes a huge difference on the clients nerves & stress.



HOW TO: Again, put yourself in the position as if YOU were the client. What calms you? Would you like a lash tech talking their head off? Would you fall asleep listening to Metallica’s album? Would like it to smell nice and not feel rushed or an annoyance from whatever’s going on in the lash techs life?

Good. Then make a little policy for yourself on that:

🗣 Don’t talk too much
😴 Ask the client if the gel pads feeling comfortable or if the bed feels comfy (just in case they need more pillows under their legs or back, etc.
🕯 Have a candle burning
🎵 Get a chill Spotify playlist up- Here’s one made by our customers & students which you can add to:


☕️ Book your appointments with 15 mins ‘settle in’ time where you can offer the customer a tea or water or for them to go to the bathroom before. That way you’re not rushed to start lashing for fear of running late for next client.
💋 Go a little 'boujee' and treat them with a Collagen Lip Mask during their session for an extra $5 or just as a bonus with their set- this also helps them hush and fall asleep so you can totally get in the zone with lashing. 




If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we are all human, we all have insecurities and goals and troubles and things that make us laugh, cry, dance, poop, etc. ALL OF US. If not, you’re a robot and we can’t hang out. Soz.

So we need to allow permission to each other to be ourselves more often. Sometimes that can feel a little daunting because you don’t want to look like the only one smiling randomly at a person across the street or seem creepy telling a new client how beautiful their eyes are. But if it’s genuine, it won’t be creepy. And if it feels that way, then it’s on them (they might not know how to take a compliment, who knows).

The point is, you can still be professional at your job whilst keeping a beautiful flow of trust and realness with your clients so they feel like they can talk to you and not hold it in until it’s too late like those traumatic experiences we’ve all had as kids…



HOW TO: Pretty simple, just decide to appreciate the things that are RIGHT about your clients- could be acknowledging the fact that they’re on a Keto diet to make themselves feel better, or their cute new shoes that they were excited to wear. It’s always the little random compliments that make someones day, so instead of spreading a virus, spread love 💙




When you provide comfort, you provide a service that people WILL pay money for- no matter the price. They don’t just want lashes or cute brows, they want the worthwhile experience and when you provide them that and MORE, it shows- maybe not directly or straight away but it can show in other ways.


Now go make your clients comfy you boss babe!!