Having a set of blonde eyelashes on my left eye and a set of black lashes on the right means mascara is a must for me. I’ve tried a tonne of mascaras and then some. Most often, the expectations I have vs the experience with any new mascara falls short. Well….That all changed recently.

So like anyone who discovers something really good, I’ve got to talk about it. At length. Get your cuppa ready, we’re going to have a chat.


This is what I found, and it IS the BEST MASCARA OF 2020!

Prior to this I had actually given up on ever finding an amazing mascara, but this one – the Simply Naked Beauty 3D Fiber Mascara revived my purpose for sexy black long lashes.

I’ll tell you why…

Firstly, the shape of the mascara wand.


Google “what to look for in a mascara” and you’ll find a lot of websites discussing at length a great deal about the mascara brushes more than their formula. The shape of the applicator hugely impacts the way the mascara sits on your lashes.  

The hourglass brush in the Simply Naked Beauty 3D Fiber Mascara is narrow in the middle and wider at the end. According to Elsa Morgan, one of Australia’s top make-up artists, “this (the hourglass) mascara brush shape is “perfect for going all out and pumping up lashes to the max!”




With the wider ends, the wand reaches the lashes at the inner and outer corners of the eye the most. The narrow middle is also perfect in creating a nice curl to your lashes. So, the shape of your mascara wand 100% makes a difference.

Now let’s talk about product formulation..

So…mascaras have been around for a very loooong time.

Since it is applied to our precious eyes, mascaras do need some form of preservatives and antiseptics - nobody don’t want no bacteria getting in their eyes and messing with their eyesight! 

Many commercial mascara brands often contain ingredients that are inexpensive to obtain, but may be harmful to your health. For example; Imidazolidinyl Urea, Formaldehyde, Thimerosal, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben are all preservatives added to makeup to stop the growth of fungi and bacteria and to also extend shelf life. They are highly toxic, especially over long term exposure.

Thimerosal, for example, is a mercury based preservative and Formaldehyde is a preservative also used for embalming (or preserving) dead bodies.

Now I want you to also imagine what is needed in the eye makeup removers to also dissolve these chemicals?

Simply Naked Beauty 3D Fiber Mascara uses safer alternatives and only warm water is required to remove the mascara! Say wha!!!!!! That was a first for me.  

The mascara features two different tubes. The first tube coats your lashes with a transplanting gel (the GEL tube). The second tube adds mascara fibers to your lashes (the FIBER tube), this creates 300X thicker lashes in just five minutes.

If you take it one step further and try the Simply Naked Beauty Lash Science Gold 3D Fiber Mascara (which I use), it has an added gold tube.



The gold tube is a nourishing mascara base coat which you apply first. It contains organic castor oil to promote lash growth. With this kit, you get nourished, hydrated and strengthened lashes.

Made from hypoallergenic (which means unlikely to cause an allergic reaction) and non-irritating ingredients, the mascara it perfect for sensitive skin. It is natural based and also contains green tea leaf extract, natural beeswax and collagen.

NEXT UP!! Simply Naked Beauty 3D Fiber Mascara LASTS ALL DAY, IS WATER RESISTANT & SMUDGE PROOF. It continues to give Va va Voom Volume and length all day long!



So! If you want to transition your mascara to a cleaner version that also keeps you lashes looking fabulous, this is the Best Mascara of 2020!