Becoming A Lash Tech - Part 2

Hello Beautiful People!
I am so excited as I received my Pro Kit for my Complete Lash Artistry Course. It was honestly like unwrapping a birthday present. I even made a reel (first time ever making a reel, yes, I know I’m a bit behind, but social media is not a strong point of mine) of the unboxing and showing all the amazing products I received.


Now that I had received my kit, I can start my course. I like to study whenever I have free time, whether that’s in-between clients or as I’m making dinner or at night after the girls have gone to bed. 
I’m going to be honest here, I knew absolutely NOTHING about eyelash extensions apart from there being 2 different types: strip lashes and more permanent lashes. I wear strip lashes every time I have a special occasion, like weddings and love them, I always feel so glam when I have my makeup done complete with lashes. That was as far as my knowledge in the lash world goes. That was until I completed the classic eyelash extension course by Locks Lash. It taught me everything I needed to know about the glue, how humidity plays a big part in the whole process, and how important aftercare is for better retention. I also learnt the art of gluing a lash onto a natural lash. The only negative issue was not knowing how to do volumes and hybrids, and from what I can see a lot more people prefer a fuller look than what the classics can offer, (this of course depends on how full their natural lashes are). 
The Complete Lash Artistry course covers all types of lash extensions, classics, volumes, and hybrids. So far, I have completed the first five modules and halfway through module six. The first four modules have been about the glue. What the glue is, the science behind the glue, how it works, how to store it, and shelf life etc. This was covered in the Classic lash course, but it was great to go through it all again as a refresher. Plus, you never know what you  may have missed or didn’t quite understand the first-time round. 
Module five was all about the different styles of tweezers and how to hold them correctly. Tweezers are to a lash artist as scissors are to a hairdresser, and they are available in so many different colours and designs!!! Trying to pick a favourite will be hard. 
So far, module six has been all about getting started with classic lash extensions. This includes how to pick up the extension, how the extension needs to be placed in your tweezers, and how to dip in glue. The correct technique is so important and needs to be perfected so that your sets turn out perfect. The number of times I had to practice these techniques before I submitted for a pass was a lot! But now that I’ve practiced heaps it has become second nature. 
Two things to take into consideration, the kits don’t come with a hygrometer, an instrument that measures the humidity and temperature. You will soon realise how important it is to know the temperature and humidity in your room when it comes to glue and retention. I suggest you add one when you order your course online or purchase one from your local store. The other thing I would suggest, is to add a lash ruler. The reason is that when you start lashing clients, you need to know what the length of their natural lash is to know how long of an extension you can put on, safely. 
Study Locks Lash's 'Complete Lash Artistry' Course HERE! 
Rebecca xx