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Q: “Are lash lifts bad for your lashes?”

I have seen this question asked many times asked in Facebook Groups. It’s also asked quite a bit during classes. Yes and No.


A: Yes and no. 


Yes! Lash lifts can be bad for your lashes if they are performed incorrectly, over processed or the tech is not fully trained in performing this service. It is a chemical service that is placed onto the natural hairs, when a chemical is applied to natural hair, the hair follicle opens up and absorbs the product into the cortex. The process of a lift is to change the keratin bond in the hairs to redirect and re-shape the hairs into their semi-permanent shape. So if this is over processed or placed too close to the tips of the lashes this can cause frizzy, dry and broken hairs.


When you think of a lash lift, think of a perm on the hair, and how bad this can go wrong when done incorrectly. Your lashes are more sensitive to these products. This is why you need to use the correct product, timing and have the education in performing this.

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No, lash lifts are not bad for your lashes. Locks Lash Lash Lift solution is so incredibly gentle, yet effective giving those Instagram worthy lifted lashes. I have used other lash lift brands in the past, and I have found that the product leaves a ‘bleach band’ on the natural lashes when the tint wears off. This is a bad thing! If you were to apply a lift again on those lashes with that band and slightly overlapped the product, this will cause the lashes to break at the band. 

Locks Lash Lash Lift solution does not do this at all; we can barely keep up with the amount of stock that sells; it sells out the moment it comes in! The glue you use to lift the lashes onto the shield is durable, yet thin enough that the product can still work its magic.

Have you used a lash lift glue that just feels gluggy and hard to separate lashes immediately after they are lifted onto the shield? Our glue allows you to still lift those lashes into place and separate without drying quickly which prevents any unnecessary tugging on your clients eyes. Best part is, a damp cue tip will remove the glue with ease.

P.S Our Lash Lift solution is a 2 in 1, as you can also use this solution for Brow Laminations. WINNNNN!

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