#146- Absolute Retention Super Bonder- WTF IS IT?

Well in short, it's the product you've been waiting for 😍


Okay, let's get simple and scientific, because science is facts and we can't argue with facts ✅ 




As we all know, the main ingredient in lash adhesive is cyanoacrylate which cures from the presence of moisture - also known as humidity
Typically the moisture will enter the lash adhesive from the outside layer moving into the centre. Sometimes, due to the environment, the moisture won’t reach the centre of the adhesive and thus will not cure fully in the centre. This leads to low retention and fume emission. 
Ever heard clients complain that their eyes sting a little when they have a shower for up to two days after their appointment? Well this is why - the glue hasn’t cured fully. 


Instead of this traditional curing process, our Absolute Retention Super Bonder works it’s magic by encouraging the tiny particles of moisture in the adhesive outwards (after being applied to lashes), thus curing lash adhesive from the inside out, all within 2-4 mins. 
Absolute Retention Super Bonder mixes with the lash adhesive, right from the centre and cures from the centre outward, pushing all the moisture to the outer layer of adhesive. In this process it also shrinks the glue bond which helps the glue to hug the natural lash better and thus improve your retention by up to 30%!
Additionally super bonder seals and tightens the surface layer ensuring that any fumes are contained within the adhesive bond and will reduce irritation and sensitivity. 


✅ Speeds curing process of the adhesive and will set your set within 2-4 mins which means it is totally fine for your clients to get their lashes wet on the same day as application. 
✅  Can help improve retention by up to 30%
✅  Encourages lash adhesive to become more flexible and increased elasticity - so no more brittle snapping bonds and instead has more natural flexible movement 
✅  Scientifically formulated to shrink the adhesive once applied to the natural lash which in turn encourages the glue to hug the natural lash and gives a much better bond 
✅ Made in Germany under strict EU guide lines 
✅  Formulated using only the best ingredients to ensure that it actually works unlike many other brands 
✅  Reduces fumes 
✅  Reduction in allergic reactions and sensitives to cyanoacrylate 
✅  Protects the adhesive bond which encourages the extensions to last longer 
✅  Can be used in any humidity and temperature range 
✅  Suitable for all lashing; classic, pre/pro-made and volume 
✅  Cruelty free 

FAQ'S: How To Use It

1️⃣ Wait 2-4 mins after finishing the set of extensions (could clean up their work station, fan the lashes etc while waiting)
2️⃣ Apply 2-3 drops of Absolute Retention Super Bonder to two micro sticks or lipstick wands
3️⃣ Using both sticks apply Absolute Retention Super Bonder to the front and back of the glue bonds throughout the set 
4️⃣ Don’t over saturate the lashes with Absolute Retention Super Bonder, it isn’t needed. 

Does it require patch testing?

This product is gentle enough so it does not require patch testing. However we do recommend that you always stay in good communication with each client and let them know what you are doing when you're applying it and ask the client to let you know if they notice any irritation or discomfort. 

Can I use Locks Lash Super Bonder with any glue?

Yes. All lash adhesives which are currently on the market contain as their main ingredient cyanoacrylate.

Do I still need to use a Nano Mister with Superbonder?

It isn’t required that you use a nanomister with super bonder, but you still can if you choose too or need to to control and regulate your humidity levels during your set of extensions. However be sure to wait 2-3 minutes after any application of Superbonder to allow it to fully dry first. 

Should I still use Unicorn Tears? 

Absolutely. Unicorn Tears adjusts the pH level of the lashes and eye area into the essential range which is optimum for lash adhesive to work in. Unicorn Tears should always be used at the beginning of the set. Absolute Retention SuperBonder is applied at the end of a set, after the glue as been applied to help cure the adhesive, reduce adhesive fumes, protect the adhesive bond and overall improve retention. They essentially have two different purposes, each contributing in their unique way to improve retention. 

How long will it last?

Use within 12months of opening. Make sure the lid is always securely fastened on after opening.