#35 - A Client that Demands 'Long Lashes'..

The general rule with Classical Lash Extensions (one natural lash, to one extension) is that the length of the extension should not exceed 50% of the natural lash. This is chiefly because longer than 50% the natural lash can not safely hold the extension and you open the door to damaging the natural lash. It is part of our responsibility as lash technicians to only deliver to clients safe extensions and to also interpret what the client is saying but also while doing it in a way that is not harmful to their natural lashes. 

So what do you do if a client insists that she wants long extensions and her natural lashes will not safely hold the length she is demanding?

Here are a few tips you can use to handle this situation professionally and where they will respect your advise;

Many times when clients say they want more length, what they are actually saying is they want their extensions to be noticed from the front view. They want the ‘wow’ look, otherwise known as 'YAAAAS!'. 



TIP #1: J & B curls are not terribly noticeable from the front view only from the side. So you can satisfy most clients by simply using a lash extension that has a stronger curl like C or D. A set would look particular beautiful if you did the ‘Cat Eye’ look with a B curl on the ends and then through the centre a C curl. No added length would be required with this look to make your clients eyes really ‘pop’. 

TIP #2: Simply just put more lashes on the client which gives them the “noticeable” look without the added unsafe length. Currently Locks Lash love the C 0.15 and C 0.12 mixed into a full set. It gives a light, fluffy and full natural noticeable look. 

TIP #3: Mix in different lengths throughout the set as opposed to doing the full set in the longer length. By putting in longer lashes throughout the set, the client will get a more denser lash line and the longer lashes will give the effect of “length”. Our favorite way of doing this look is to actually use different thicknesses as well. So say you are doing a full set of C curl 0.15 in 10mm, 11mm & 12mm. It would look beautiful if you also added some D 0.18 in 11mm, 12mm, 13mm scattered throughout. 

Both of the above are great ways to give the client their “noticeable” lashes, but that are also not to heavy & long that they damage the natural lash. 

Whilst crazy long lashes may seem like a good idea in the client's mind, take our word for it, she's better off which those fuller , fluffy sets that you're giving her. 

...Otherwise, if this becomes a trend, we're going to have bring out a shampoo and conditioner especially for them.