The first thing we should do is take a second to mourn and appreciate our dearest lash techs and how awesome they are in every single way 😭♥️

Okay, now that's out of the way...

We’re all in this weird time in life where we can’t get our lashes lashed and we’re left with these weird, patchy lashes which don’t make us feel any better about this situation at all!

Please, don’t try and pick them off, this is bad. Real bad. But you can’t go see your tech to get them removed. So what do you do?!?!?!


Here are some helpful hints on what you can do from home to safely remove your lashes.




This is not usually recommended, but if it is needed then what you can do is use castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil or something similar. Be sure to test the oil on yourself first to ensure that there is no reaction.

Using a cotton round or ideally an applicator swab, gently lather your lashes. At this point you can then use another applicator swab or cotton round and remove the excess oil and the lashes will fall out. Try not to rub too hard as this can create damage to the natural lashes. This process can be repeated morning and night and each day until all lash extensions have been removed. Be sure to rinse your face with warm water to remove any excess oils.

Or, if you’re up for a bit of “me time” you can soak a cotton round in the oil of choice and place it on your eyes and leave for up to 15mins (do not exceed 15mins) While doing this, you can also use a sheet mask and completely pamper yourself! After 15mins, rinse your eyes throughly with warm water. For this method, go for an organic oil or organic coconut oil to avoid any irritation.


 STEAM 🧖🏽‍♀️

Another thing that helps remove your lashes safely is steam. You can also use this as a bit of a pamper for yourself!

1️⃣ Give your face a wash (using a product with oils in it will also help with the lash extension removal - but not a scrub/exfoliation as this can cause irritation).

2️⃣ Then get a bowl of boiling water (ceramic or glass and pretty big). Add some essential oils. This will help the removal process plus help with creating that aromatherapeutic feeling.

3️⃣ Once you have all of this set up, get a large hand towel, tea towel or other thick towel and place your face over the bowl with the towel draped over your head so that the steam is trapped and concentrates on your face.

You want your face close enough to the steaming water but not too close that you are in pain or feel you can’t breathe. You can do this process for as long as you can, but do not exceed 10mins. After this process, you can also do the first recommend process (cotton round with oil) which will also help.

Basically any form of oil will remove lashes. It may not be right away, but it will dissolve the lash glue over time. But do keep in mind that lash glue is designed to STAY ON THE NATURAL LASH. So you do need to be very careful with whatever method you are using to remove lash extensions to prevent damage to the natural lash.



❌ DO NOT pul them off. Although to some this feels AMAZING to do, it is very damaging and can cause the follicle to be permanently damaged and unable to grow hair again or even cause Traction Alopecia.. If you want to know more about it, check out this blog HERE

❌ DO NOT do as your technician would professional do and use tweezers or debonder. This is definitely not recommended! Tweezers anywhere near your eyes by yourself is too dangerous to even contemplate!

Now if you had total faith and trust in a partner, friend or family member to do this, and that they had confidence that they could perform this type of removal, then you could get them to use debonder and tweezers to remove the lashes. We do not recommend this however, just because there can be irritation involved, incorrect removal and possible damage. Check out the video of how technicians do removals here and why we leave it up to the pros for debonder and tweezer usage:





Once your lashes are removed, you’ll feel naked - literally. And feel bald. But don’t worry, we have things that will help!

You can use coconut oil to add extra nourishment into your lashes and brows which will promote healthy growth. But if you’re looking for that EXTRA in your life, then you need these:



This is a volumizing mascara that builds lash volume. It’s actual fibres that you seal in with the special gel it comes with. This comes in a few different options, one has a curler, one is brown mascara and one has a nourishing base which is perfect for enhancing your lash growth! This one is also not ideal for extensions but perfect for lash lifts! Click here for it and more info



And if you’re a technician and have your clients coming to you crying because they just can’t live without their lashes, then you should probably get yourself some of these and be their COVID-19 rescuer!