We've all heard it before and we are all guilty of the toxic scrolling and life comparisons that happens on Insta and Facebook. 
Even with your professional life, especially owning your own business, every other business owner looks like they're living the high life posting about the 'hustle and grind' with their back to back bookings, healthy meals and cute screenshots from their favourite clients. It makes it look like all these other lash techs are so busy lashing without any back problems, making loads of money and generally just crushing #lashlife.
It all makes running your own beauty business look so easy and fun all the time...and it is fun and rewarding, but let's be honest, that's only PART of the time.
As we know, the online world is a highlight reel, not REAL life. So what's not being shown are the sleep deprived weeks, aching lower back and neck, sets that you don't feel happy with (and so don't post them), all the Uber Eats you get because it's too tiring cooking meals after a full day of clients, etc.


It's one of the most annoying things in the world, and we can argue, kick and scream about how it's not fair but everyone has to do this. EVERYONE.
Allowing time each WEEK to do this is one of the smartest things you could possibly do for your finances and business overall. You don't want to leave it to the end of the month or year to catch up on this. You don't want a massive bill at the end of the financial year come crashing down because you simply 'didn't have enough time' or 'it's too confusing'. 
If you don't know the basics of organising your accounts or how tax works, get some information on it! It doesn't have to be a strenuous task. Find someone you know that works with numbers (there's always someone) and take them out for coffee one morning and get them to tell you the basics of what you need to know!
Or learn from one of those 'Learn ____ for dummies books'...
It will cause more stress in the long term when it comes to end of financial year and you are sitting there at your lash bed at 3am in the morning with a pile of receipts and paperwork that you have memory on, or worse, you end up getting that yucky, disgusting letter in the mail with a giant tax bill. Mm-mm, NO THANK YOU!
Do it now and your mental health and wallet will thank you for it later.
We're not talking about making those fun Pinterest boards of what your lash room is going to look like, we're talking about researching products, trialling lash adhesives, lashes and also salon prices.
You will need to spend a good chunk of time online, looking at salons around your area and sussing out their lash prices. Once you get an average price, you can then figure out roughly how much you can be charging in your area.
When you're first starting out, no matter how good you are, no client is going to pay $300 sets when they've never met you, and Sally from down the road is charging half. So you need to get a little honest and real with yourself with the prices people are paying for in your area. 
That's not to say charge much less though, just be smart about it. If the area you are currently located is too low in price for you, then you will have to make an executive decision in either changing some things or moving to an area where you can charge more. 
This topic is so common to most lash/beauty technicians as it's another one of those annoying things that just needs to be over and done with. 
Whilst we are legally unable to recommend Insurance companies, there is a little checklist you can go through when researching the ones that best fit your business. There are a number of different types of insurance in eyelash extension insurance that you should consider. So you should at least be looking at something that includes the main ones, like public liability insurance or you may also need employer's liability insuranceproperty insurance and personal accident and sickness insurance.
To be on top of things with your local council, the best thing to do is call them and find out the requirements you must abide by legally. It's going to be different depending on the area you live in.
We always tend to blame talent and success on the 'natural ability', 'it's in their genes', 'they just have a gift'. Little do they know the amount of practice and TIME that person has spent on perfecting their craft to a point it looks so easy. 
No one is going to post how many times they've practiced their Volume fans, or how many shit photos they took before the started taking beautiful quality photos. So then you, the observer, think that none of that happened and they simply just got there overnight. No.
Anything is better than nothing. Whether it's 15mins before your next client or whilst you're watching the next episode of Animal Kingdom, grab your practice head and practice lashes and do something. 
It doesn't matter if you've been lashing for years. 
These include your Consultation Forms, booking apps, printing flyers/ organising logos, etc.
The best way to confront all these little things is too literally make a list of EVERYTHING that you can think of. Everything you haven't got yet and need to get. It's going to be a long list but that's okay!!
Then go through them one by one, and write down the sub actions you have to do to complete, and then if needed, the sub-sub actions needed to do it.
For example if one of those things is 'need a logo'. Then a sub action would be hire a Graphic Designer to design a handful to choose from. And the sub-sub action would be research good Graphic Designers that fit within the budget. 
This leads perfectly into the last thing and a solid tip to getting all of the important boring stuff DONE so you can move on to having fun with doing what you actually want to be doing...lashes!
When you next make your big weekly/monthly list of things to do, look at those things that you really don't want to do. Circle them. 
Then put them first as your priority. Make it be the first this you tackle at the start of the week or month. Even if that's the only thing you achieve that week or day, at least you've handled that. 
Most likely the thing that you really don't want to do is the thing that you REALLY need to do. So get it done and then have fun with ticking off the rest of you to-do list!

Want more help?

Easy peasy! We're pretty chuffed to be surrounded with a sh*t-tonne of lash techs who know what they're doing (and pretty damn well). Need more help? Just ask, babe! We're always here for support, chats and virtual hugs! xx