In a digital world today, there's an overload on what Apps you should be using, where you should be posting, what's THE program that will make all your troubles disappear...

Well unfortunately, there is no one app that does EVERYTHING...except Google maybe... 

But when it comes to sending out your emails, scheduling your social posts, editing your lash sets, creating logos, business cards, website headers, making your Insta stories look fancy AF and playing the right kind of music to attract clients and keep them loving you, you may have to broaden your horizons to a couple more Apps. 

But don't freak out! We don't want to overwhelm you. We just decided to put a list together of the apps WE already use and think you might also benefit from it too ❤️



Later Mobile App


Originally launched as Latergramme, the Later app allows you to schedule and publish posts for Instagram at your own convenience. One of the most frustrating things about Instagram is the inability to post at a later time...errrrggh!

Later takes away this problem by allowing you to post later (hence the name) 😉

Another great tool is the ability to manage multiple Instagram accounts in one place, You can source images from a library or even from Dropbox and Google. Analytics is easy as well with reports on user activity and hashtags.

It's also free with limited use, and paid plans range from $9/month for a single account, up to $49/month for multiple user accounts or if you want to post a bah-gillion things like we do haha! 



Canva Mobile App


If you need to create professional images for social media, website headers, logo's for business cards, thank you notes, etc, then look no further. 

It comes with hundreds and hundreds of pre-built templates you can use or you can start from scratch!

Thanks to Canva’s integrated social sharing you can easily share them directly to social media with a few taps on your phone screen. If you just need a simple image editor, then Canva is a great free tool. For Pro and Enterprise plans, you can gain more features starting at $10/month.


BULK EMAILSMailChimp best email software


We send emails out to thousands of our customers & students every day at Locks Lash to let them know about Sales, new products, inspirational stories and whatever crazy stuff that's happening in the office... which is basically every day 😂).

Time warp function allows the user to set a specific time to send out the bulk emails based on the time zone of the contacts, as well as optimising a time for you to send based on what time your subscribers normally open their emails...crazy right!!



(Lashes by @vanitybyjayde)


Facetune is great for smoothing skin, removing blemishes and drawing focus to any area of your photo that you want potential clients to see, like your boss brow/lashes that you've just done. What's also nice is that Facetune has free mini tutorials showing you how to use each feature so you're not left to figure it all out on your own.




“Can I pay by card?” 

Square is an easy-to-use credit card processing system.

If you’re an owner of a growing small business, your answer should never be no. With Square, you can set your business up to ensure that you never miss a sale by accepting credit and debit cards. 




With this app, you can create stunning video stories in the best way to convey your advertisements/sets/specials/etc while capturing attention on mobile.


This is what we think is essential for you! All these will make your lash life a bit easier and save you time so you can get back to lashing and growing your business!

Have we missed an essential app? Let us know!