We did a survey of what people need help with in relation to Henna Brows. The biggest issue by survey when it comes to Henna Brow Treatments is how to get a good skin stain. There are many factors at play when it comes to this problem and we are going to cover what these are and the solutions for them.


The first thing to go over is not having too high of an expectation. Henna will stain the skin and the hairs, however it’s important to know our skin sheds quickly and when it does so does the colour we have applied. Most Henna tints will last anywhere from 3-14 days on the skin. This is quite a varied range of days and it is so because different skin types will determine how long the stain will last.


For example if someone has very oily skin you will find the Henna will fade quicker. It is important to inform your client that avoiding oils on the brows will help the Henna last longer. Most cosmetics and cleaners contain oils so using oil free where possible will help. Also avoid scrubs and exfoliants as these will also scrub away the layers of skin that are stained.


Then you have super dry skin/flaky skin. This type of skin may not be ideal for Henna as if the skin is flaky and peels off in pieces, the Henna will come off unevenly.


How can I prepare the skin for the best results?


Starting with very clean brows is an important factor. Using a cleanser will gently exfoliate the skin and give you a nice fresh layer of skin to work with. Then using a brow cleaner will remove oils and any dirt from the skin that will get in the way of the Henna doing it’s job. Ending the cleaning process off by wiping and drying the brows so you have a nice clean and dry slate to work with will give you the best base to work with.


Now let’s say you do a Henna treatment on a client and it’s your first time with this client and at the end the colour looks nice however the skin stain isn’t as dramatic or visible as you were hoping. The first thing to do is not to be hard on yourself. There are several things you can try and tweak to achieve the look you and the client want. So do not despair!


Some things you can do are:


  • Longer processing time. Usually the recommend time is 20 minutes. On a clients first treatment I wouldn’t recommend longer than 20 minutes as you don’t know how their skin is going to take to the tint. However leaving the tint on for 30 minutes is feasible so if the result with 20 minutes wasn’t dramatic, you can process it for 30 minutes next time.


  • Add a touch of a darker colour/black. The darker the colour you use, the darker the result, so even if you are using the lightest Henna colour, adding in a touch of black to the mix or a dark brown can assist with the result.


  • Apply the tint in layers. Something else you can try is to apply a thin layer of Henna to the brow, allow it to dry for a minute, then apply another layer, allow it to dry etc… Do this for 4-5 layers and then process. This can help achieve a better stain on the skin. 


The key is to troubleshoot as needed and assess the brows in front of you and see what needs tweaking until you achieve the exact look the client is after. You will have some brows which will take to the tint easily and some which require longer processing, darker colour or the layering procedure to achieve the stain and result you want. You can play around with the tips above and use 1 or all of them on your clients as needed.


The next problem that is a common one is getting the brow shape perfect. It’s important to know that when you are placing the Henna on the brows it will go exactly where you put it. You can freehand the Henna and place it without a stencil however this can be tricky and requires some practice.


A tool you can use is to get an eyeliner pencil (I prefer white) and use this to draw around the brows the exact shape you are after. Then brush the Henna on the brows sticking to the shape you have pencilled. This helps make sure you have even brows that are symmetrical.



It is quite delicate work and is very much like painting a picture and staying in the lines, and the more precise you are with your application, the cleaner and smoother the end result will be.



We hope these tips help you achieve a great result!


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