Consultations are the essential ingredient in running a successful lash business, for not only do you find out if the client is an ideal candidate for extensions (any contraindications), but also you find out exactly what the client needs and wants from you and their appointment, so you can deliver just that.



Consultations are done at the beginning of your service. They set the tone for the appointment and give you a position of authority and professionalism with the client and you can manage expectations of the client.

 They can also show that you are genuinely interested in your client which can help you stand out from your competition. 


 Overall you want your client to be completely satisfied with their appointment and you can only do that by communicating to the client before-hand. 


NOTE: Getting each client to fill out a Consent / Waiver & Consultation Form does NOT replace a person to person consultation before each client, you need to do both. As well as a patch test!


Locks Lash have a FREE template for a Consent / Waiver & Consultation Form. 




The consolation should proceed roughly as follows;

1️⃣ You would go over any details that they wrote down on their Consent / Waiver & Consultation Form concerning any contraindications.

2️⃣ You would personally observe the following about your client in your consultation;

  • Any signs of any contraindications
  • Natural lash quantity and natural lash health (are they thin, sparse, healthy, thick, short, long etc).
  • Their natural eye and facial shape.


  • How do the natural lashes grow? Down, straight, curled etc. 

3️⃣ It would also be important to double check with your client if they have had any redness, itching, crust, unusual activity around the eye area in the past 2 weeks. 

4️⃣ Find out what the client is wishing to achieve with the appointment. They may have brought in photos of what they are wanting. Are they getting extensions for a special occasion? What is her lifestyle like, does she generally wear much makeup. Are they looking for a more glam or natural or dramatic look? All those sorts of questions which will give you a very clear idea of what they are wanting from you. 

5️⃣ From your professional opinion, you would then manage the clients expectations by being honest about a realistic outcome. 
6️⃣ It is a great idea to have a look book of your work that you can show to clients so they understand fully what each style and curl looks like. 
7️⃣ Find out how much time the client has and if it fits with what you need to achieve the look they are after.
8️⃣ Ask the client to remove any contact lenses (if they are wearing any). 
9️⃣ Finally, always, ALWAYS communicate, with as much detail as possible, your design intention for the client and get her full agreement and consent to proceed.


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