6 Client Christmas Gift Ideas

Every year you find yourself asking the same question: What do I get my clients for Christmas? 

We’ve put together six client gift ideas for Christmas that won’t break the bank, but will melt your client’s hearts. ❤️

Be sure to accompany your gift with a cute, hand-written Christmas card with your client’s name & a personal message. Personalisation goes a long way. It shows appreciation toward your client & demonstrates you care.

HOT TIP: You may be able to find small, local businesses that you can partner with for some of the below suggested gifts. We’re sure there’s a chick close by who bakes cookies, or the cute mum down the road who hand-pours her own candles. Approach them & see if they’d be interested in a cross-promotion where you can promote their business & they promote yours. It’s a win-win! 

  • Branded Cookie
  • Who doesn’t love a cookie? That soft, buttery, sugary flavour hitting your tastebuds… delicious. A great idea is to organise a batch of branded (or cheeky message) cookies. This is one of our fav gift ideas. Not only do they win on taste, you’ll probably find your client Instagramming them!

    Aside from our Master Trainer Bubblz homemade cookies, we LOVE Sweet Mickie.. They’re a little cheeky. 🙈

    > Check out Sweet Mickie here

  • Scented Candle
  • Name one female who doesn’t love a candle? *thinking music goes here*... Answered ‘can’t think of any’? That’s why candles make the perfect, little gift! You can get them from anywhere: Target, Kmart, little $2 stores. We found some gorgeous scented candles from a seller on Etsy, CandlesCoAusStudio that will set you back $3.87 a pop.

    > Check out CandlesCoAusStudio

  • Block of Chocolate
  • Often supermarkets run 50% off blocks of chocolate including favs Lindt & Cadbury -that means you can get a block of chocolate between $3.80-$4. Take advantage of super cheap blocks of chocolate & stock up. A cheap & delicious treat that every client is sure to love. 

  • Lash Scrunchies
    Keep within the lash theme & gift each client a super-cute lash scrunchie. This affordable gift is sure to be a hit for those hair-up kinda’ days & nights. 

  • > Get Lash Scrunchies here

  • Lip Balm
  • Dry lips are sh*t, so help to keep your client’s lips hydrated. Nice plump lips with a fresh set of lashes & brows are a match made in heaven! You can literally grab lip balms from like… EVERYWHERE. We found MAGICAL UNICORN LIP BALM *yes unicorn* ones at Kmart for $2. 

    > Get Unicorn lip balm here

  • Simply Naked Beauty Brow Pencil
  • While Simply Naked Beauty Brow Pencils are an incredible upsell to your clients (because they’re such an amazing product), they also make a GREAT gift to clients. 

    While these will set you back $10 a pop (when you purchase 50 units), you can be assured that your client will LOOOVEEEEE it. AND, they may actually want to purchase one from you next time for $19RRP (that’s $9 profit per brow pencil)! 🤩


    > Get Simply Naked Beauty Brow Pencils Here

    Happy client gift shopping. x