3 Reasons Why Learning Stuff Makes Sense

Written by: Derik aka Boss #2 

“3 reasons for why learning stuff makes sense.”

Look, I know it’s a click bait title. I don’t care, it’s important for me to let you know some things. Three things in particular...

Lawyers, doctors, educators have to do certain amounts of training every year to maintain their licenses. It makes sense when you think of it. Things change all the time. New innovations, new studies discover new information, new regulations make certain things illegal. I don’t think it should be any different for the beauty industry.

Just a few years ago, we used to use 3 times the amount of glue on lashes, than we do now. Not too long ago, we didn’t have pre-made fans, or know how to properly use them. Staying up to date on current industry practices is vital for your business and for your customers.

If you only offer one service, you’re 100% missing out on a lot of potential income and clout. Let’s say you know how to do Hybrid Brow Tint & brow shaping. A client comes in to get her refill on lashes. Add on a Hybrid Brow Tint treatment & brow shaping & BOOM; there’s extra $50 or so on that client. You more than doubled your money, since you’ve already done the prep, she’s comfortable on the bed & walks out with fresh lashes & brows. A win for her, a win for you!

You can and should increase your prices every so often. Inflation is real. There’s also perceived value. People think more expensive things are better. So if your prices go up, a lot of customers will subconsciously know that they are getting high quality service. Some might complain, sure, but you’ll also get more clients. 

This is how I’ve seen it done:

  1. Do a course that adds a new service = new service = more $ + new clients
  2. Say you’re doing our Hybrid Brow Tint course for example. Promote on your socials and website that you’ve enrolled
  3. Post every so often that you’re practicing, or excited to offer a new service soon. Keep teasing it and making it a big deal. 
  4. When you get your certificate, do a final post offering this new service & announce that  limited spots available blah blah. 
  5. Once that’s done, increase the prices for all services you offer by just a touch. Maybe it’s only 2 bucks, but it makes you more valuable and relevant to the industry. 
  6. If you do get the odd current customer that complains, you can offer them mate’s rates for a bit, but I think you are valuable, and you should be rewarded for all your hard work.


  1. Stay current on current industry movements - this is important above all
  2. Offer more services - check out our courses here
  3. Charge good money for your expertise - You’re worth it & owe it to yourself to be more awesome every day!



P.S. It reminds me of a joke. Engineer goes to some machine to fix it, stares at it for 5 minutes, turns one screw and submits a bill for $1,000. The company owner is shocked at the price and wants an itemised bill. The engineer does it. 1. Turning screw $1 2. Knowing which screw to turn $999