#163 Becoming A Lash Tech - Part 1

Hello Beautiful People.
Let me introduce myself, my name is Rebecca, I’m 35 years old, live in Sydney, I’m a wife and mum to 2 girls aged 5 and 3. I have only just recently started my home-based business Brow Couture Co. I have always done my own brows and families brows including my brothers since I learnt how to wax at the age of 16, I think, it’s been so long that I don’t remember when I started. I wanted to be a beauty therapist when I was in high school, but things happened and ended up changing direction and doing something completely different, but I always did brows on the side.
Fast forward to today and I am finally doing what I have always wanted to do.
The reason why I started my own business was basically to keep myself busy while my oldest started Kindergarten this year. I could have gone back to working in retail or for someone else, but I didn’t like the idea of not being able to set my own hours and have freedom that I have had for the past 5 years of being a stay-at-home mum. I also have my second daughter who is still at home with me.
I originally completed the Brow & Facial Waxing Course through Locks Lash last year. You’re probably wondering why do the course when I have been waxing for so long already? Well, it was to make sure that I am up to date with my knowledge and to learn any new tips and tricks that I may not have known about. It was basically a refresher, plus I got all the things needed like a new wax pot, wax, all the solutions, and disposables in a cute kit.
I also completed the Locks Lash Henna Brows Course, Lash & Brow Tinting Course, and the lasted trends, Lash Lift, and Brow Lamination courses. All these courses were done online and came with complete kits needed to get through the course and then some to start offering these services to clients. The whole way through the courses I received excellent support and feedback on things that I was excelling in and what I needed to improve on. Every time I didn’t understand something or had a question, I would send an email to my trainer (Mel) and would have a reply within a few hours. Completing all these courses online was great as I could study at my own pace at whatever time of day or night, majority of the time it was late at night after the girls had gone to bed.
So, you’re probably thinking, 'Why do lashes at this stage of the game?', short answer is my neighbour. Every time she would come to get her brows done, she would be like “when are you doing lashes?” or “you should start doing lashes”. I would ask her why, as I have no interest and she would be like “you would be amazing at it as you’re an artist and a perfectionist” and yes, if you know me then you would know that I am a perfectionist, so here we are now. I just completed the Classic Lash Extensions course through Locks Lash and am about to start the new course '3-in-1 Complete Lash Artistry Course', I am so excited as I have no idea about volumes and hybrids and can’t wait to learn it all!!! To be able to learn all the different types of lash styles in one course and then being able to offer it to clients is mind blowing! 🤯
Why choose Locks Lash? Well, where do I begin, the courses are set out in a way that makes sense. Everything you need to know is in there, the amount of knowledge and details that you gain from their courses are unparalleled. Also, the amount of support you get is amazing!!! And if that’s not reason enough you also get the amazing kits (and have the option to upgrade your kits), and the people who work at the company are super friendly, down to earth, and genuinely want you to succeed. 
So, let’s begin and hopefully by the end I can produce amazing sets that I can confidently offer to my clients.