The lash industry continues to evolve and change thats for sure!

The attitude to Premades and Promades is rapidly changing. Whereas not long ago there was a stigma around using them they are now finally becoming accepted and loved!

So much so there are lots of award-winning lash salons in Australia that now only use premades and promades. Read WHY below:


Customer comes first:

Ultimately with most business decisions the customers thoughts and feelings is what matters most!

  • We spoke to a chain of award-winning lash and brow salons and they actually surveyed the customers and upon checking with clients, none of them really mind if the fan is made on the spot or if the fan was made before their appointment.Most didnt even realise there was a difference!
  • What they did care about was getting a beautiful look! With premades you can control the look by doing more or less of a D in the fan. So for a natural look do 3D and a more intense look do 6D and for a full on look do 10-16D (in 0.03s)
  • Using Premades and Promades instead of making your own fans is quicker so the customer can basically get more fans put on in the same time resulting in fuller sets. Premade/promade fans are also more consistent (unless you are a master volume tech!).
  • Appointment times are shorter for the customers, which some prefer
  • With proper application and glue usage pre-mades will last just as long as handmade, and again potentially longer as you can get more on.



From the Salon Owners/Technicians view:

  • You can charge the same as you are charging for a result/look, not the amount of time it takes MEANING you can schedule more clients in in a day.
  • Learning pre-mades is significantly easier and means that you can train someone in your salon faster and offer volumes quicker (while they can still get trained in handmades)
  • Less time and shorter appointments and less difficulty means less strain on your eyes and back
  • You are still able to tailor the look and offer all the trending styles with so much variety in textured fans, spiked fans, coloured fans etc


Being able to do the switch requires quality promades and premades! 

Get your high quality premades and promades here!

We have a type to suit everyone! Long stem vs Medium Stem vs Short stem, premade vs promades etc etc!