We recently just posted a PART 1 on how to make your beauty business standout and you guys LOVED it! In fact, you all loved it so much that we're giving you a fresh and juicy PART 2 on how to make your beauty business standout!

Want to know how? Keep reading...


✅ Create Value

Besides being a super awesome tech, you want to show your customers that you're there for them beyond their appointment. And I don't just mean by refills! One way you can do this is by creating value with your content! Think about the posts, stories and videos that you're sending out into the world. Is there content that you could be producing that can help or support your customers? The answer is absolutely yes! It can be as simple as making a post on the best way to cleanse your lashes daily, or the do's and dont's to longer lasting extensions! Posts like these will show your audience that you don't just see them as another customer! It shows that you value their wellbeing, health and want what's best for them!



✅ Birthday Promotions

We've all got one, and we all love to celebrate em'! It could be a nice idea to include this in the way you reach out to your previous clients! You could offer your client a special discount, a free service or a special aftercare goodie to say 'Happy Birthday' and 'Thank You For Your Continued Support'. This way, your clients know that you value their loyalty to your business and you think of the small things! Having a keen attention to detail with your clients is a great way to show them that not only are they memorable, but they are valued within your business!


✅ Respond And Interact

Almost every tech working in the beauty industry has an Instagram or a Facebook page, and they're super effective tools in reaching your audience and subsequently growing it too! But what is equally as important as having a following on social media is interacting and engaging with your audience. It's all well and good to have tens of thousands of followers who like your posts, but people always want to be feel that they are being acknowledged and valued in their interaction with you as a business. If you have comments on your posts - reply to them (people looking at your Instagram will notice that you take the time to engage with your followers)! If you have messages, respond to them (it's good practice to try and reply to your inquiries as soon as possible to not only secure their business, but to show that you're active and engaging)!


✅ Ask Their Opinion

Your audience and your clients are a fantastic sample size of what your local area's beauty community looks like. If you've been wanting to expand or even add more services, it would be a great idea to talk to your clients after their appointment and ask what they would like to see included in your business or even in the area. As a business owner, it's a great idea to find ways to fill in gaps within the community that you are operating within. Are there no salons that do brow laminations in your area with a high demand for it? Take a course, get certified and start blessing the eyebrows of your local community! (We've got a great one HERE! You'll thank us later 😉)




✅ Keeping Your Attention

When your client has come in for their service, they are not only paying to get that treatment done, but they are purchasing the experience and the relaxation that comes with it! So it's important that when you are with your client that you are giving them your undivided attention. It's best to not constantly keep checking your phone, look disinterested or stand above them during a consultation. Consider having a seated area where you can both sit down and have a consultation like you would a conversation instead of an awkward lecture.


✅ New Client Welcome Pack

When you get a new client to your salon, you generally want to keep them! A great way to do this is by giving your client a mini welcome pack! This doesn't have to be something huge or something that will break the bank! It can be something little like an Aftercare instruction card, a little mascara wand of castor oil (We know a great one HERE!) and/or a little candy! It's just something little to show your new client that you value them and you're setting the standard for the quality they will expect to receive when they return. 


And finally...


✅ Say Thank You!

A little often goes a long way! The same applies to saying thank you. Polite communication and manners are the easiest (and cheapest!) ways at maintaining positive communication with your clients! People want to feel valued and the simplest way to do that is just by saying thank you. This goes beyond business too! Remember to tell the people you love how much you're thankful for them and what they do - I promise it will make their day!


By following these tips, you will well and truly be setting your business up as a standout and crushing the beauty game. Go you good thing!