Make yourself standout from the crowd! We're all born completely different and the same should go for your beauty business! 

Lucky for you, we've got some pretty stellar tips on how to make your beauty business standout from the rest! Have a peak below...


✅ Consultation Forms
A fantastic way to tell your clients that you're thinking about them and that you value their loyalty is to keep a note of their preferences on their client consultation form (We have a great one you can download on our website, get it HERE!). Consider noting options that allow the client to decide whether they would like a silent appointment or maybe even specific scents or music playing whilst they receive their service. This way, the client can feel totally engaged and relaxed in their service knowing that this is 'their time' to enjoy and treat themselves. 
✅ Know your market!
It's always important to know your market and the space in which you're operating within! Spend the time to sit down and have a look at the other salons in your area (in particular the successful ones) and look at what they're doing different and what sets them apart from every other salon. You could even go into the highest rated salon in your city to receive a treatment! Not only will you get to enjoy a nice and relaxing afternoon, but you will also get to experience for yourself what the most successful salon in your city is doing to set themselves apart. 
✅ Engaging Socials!
Potential customers (and returning ones!) want to see what you're up to! They want to see what beautiful lash sets you're creating, what changes you're making to your business and, in general, just to know that you're active and engaging with your customer base! Interacting with your social audience and creating engaging content is a great way to set your business apart! People love educational content as well! Posting about the best ways to take care of their extensions or caring for their brow lam, for example, are great ways for your customers to stay educated in keeping their treatments nice and healthy! Want a bit of help with your socials, we've got your back! Get out 101 Days of Social Media Planner right HERE! 
✅ Promotion!
Having physical promotion is a really great way of getting the word out there about what your business is doing! If you're offering aftercare kits or little goodie bags to your clients, consider putting a flyer or business card that has some information about your beauty biz or maybe even an incentive return offer! You could also get some promotion printed (Designing these on Canva and printing them on Vistaprint is great for this!) and take a walk around your area dropping these into people's letterboxes! This way you are targeting your local audience and also getting a nice little walk in at the same time! 
✅ Refer-A-Friend Program
This is a FANTASTIC way to not only garner a larger client base, but to reward your existing clients for their loyalty and help in expanding your business! There is so much creativity you can pour into this program as well! You may reward an existing customer with a service discount, a free aftercare pack or even a free tint or lash lift for example! The possibilities are endless! Win, win!
✅ Aftercare / Goodie Bags!
These are a fantastic way to not only make sure that your clients are taking care of their lashes, but also to let your customers know that you're thinking of them and above else, that you value them! You can sell aftercare kits to your clients for some extra dollars (we sell a great one that's already done for you! Get it HERE!) or give your clients a free little bag with a little choccy or mascara wand in it! 
The list can go on and on and on! But it's also important for you as the business owner to reflect upon your own business and identify ways that you can expose your business as a winner in your area!
Want more tips? We have over 150+ blogs on our website covering all things beauty! Got a question? Chances are you'll find your answer there!
Now, go crush the beauty game baby!! 💪