The short answer is - no. 

Locks Lash is committed to not only getting you certified and on your way as a technician, but we want you to go out into the world with the best knowledge, technique and skill under your belt - and when you study with us, you're guaranteed to get that. 

"What happens if I don't complete a module correctly!?"

It's okay!! You're human and you're learning!
We don't expect everyone to get everything perfectly on the first try! You won't fail if you don't complete a module correctly on the first go. You have the opportunity to keep submitting as well as ongoing trainer support to coach and mentor you until you're competent! 
We've got your back! 🤝 

You will have online resources to ALWAYS refer to with our lifetime online course access, free refresher courses AND ongoing trainer support!

For example, meet our fabulous trainer / beam of sunlight, Mel! ☀️ 


Behind all of your submissions is this amazing human who is guiding, supporting and offering feedback for you at every step of the way! 

(She's also the one who sends you out your shiny certificate of competency!)



At Locks Lash, we ALWAYS have your back! 

And you won't fail! 🤝 

✅ Ongoing trainer support!
✅ Lifetime online course access!
✅ Free refresher courses!
✅ Our lovin'! 

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