#129 - Top 6 Content Tips for a Top Insta Feed

We have some fun tips for you


Whether you're totally new to the lash world, or a seasoned pro, it's a simple truth that social media is a very beneficial tool to harness! 

We want you to have these tools at the ready so you can implement them when you're creating (or improving, or rebranding) your business on Instagram!

We've been offering Instagram audits recently and we've noticed some things. Firstly, there's lots of good stuff going on! While it's awesome to have lots of before/after photos of your lash sets, 



These are some things you can start on right now to improve your feed. Improving your feed means improving your overall brand aaaaand that's going to lead to more business! 


#1 - Be specific with your theme

This is really important because when someone lands on your page, you want to give them a sense of your business (and personality behind the business). It's the overall look of your page. Do you want your page to be minimalistic? Sophisticated? Colourful? Playful? This is an important consideration when thinking about your overall look - it should also be in line with your target audience. Think about what kind of person you're trying to reach and let your theme reflect the colours/style that would appeal to those people.

#2 - Pick a single filter. Stick to this filter. 

Seriously. Steer clear of using lots of different filters. Less is more. This ties in with the first tip - having a clear theme. By using a single filter, you'll actually be creating a theme! Have a look at some professional accounts you follow that are really cohesive. You'll notice that they stick to the same filter in their photos!


#3 - Be intentional with your layout

Grid layouts are really handy and so simple to follow. As an example, you might post 2 lash photos followed by a quote graphic, followed by 2 lash photos, and then a meme or a quirky, fun or inspirational saying/quote. Repeat this pattern and you'll see that when you scroll through your page, it'll appear to be very tidy and consistent. Patterns are very pleasing to the eye, and will stop people from feeling overwhelmed when they visit your page (and more likely to scroll through it for longer!).


#4 - Co-ordinate colours

This is a simple and effective way to create a really cohesive feed. It can seriously be as simple as choosing soft pink and grey as your colours. Then you can use a website such as Canva to create personalised memes, frame your photos with your chosen colours, and co-ordinate this with your grid layout.


#5 - Utilise natural light

This is a really important technique for photos. Honestly, it can make or break your photos. Try to take photos of sets beside a window so there's some nice, soft natural light.

We actually have a suitable course that will help you with this. It's a mini course in photography for social media. Click below to book in!


#6 - Have Fun! Be Quirky! Let Your Personality Shiiiine

This is kinda the crux of the whole thing. Think about why you've started a business in lashing - it's because you love what you do, right? When you share photos on Instagram, you're sharing your work. That must fill you with a sense of pride, yes? Well, it's the perfect opportunity to show your personality through your work! Take advantage of this visual medium by posting behind the scenes photos and videos, jump on the Insta Reels and TikTok bandwagon, have fun with what you do. If you're having fun, your audience is most likely having fun too! 


The best thing about all of these tips is you don't need to wait to start putting them into practice. Rather than looking at each of these tips as chores or something that is overwhelming, get excited! Above you are are 7 opportunities for you to improve your business!!


Now close this tab and go and take some beautiful photos, and find a funny joke to share with your followers! 


The LL Team xx