#127 - MOST LASH TECHS SHOULD DO THIS BUT MOST DON'T! (for getting clients)

This is one of the most old school kinds of marketing… 

One that is often overlooked...


And one that works really well for lash techs!


Letterbox drops!!

Basically, putting a little flyer in someone's letterbox. The reason this works so well for lash techs is people don't travel very far for services. Instead, they tend to go to the closest good-enough lash tech/brow chick etc. Letter box drops target a specific area, eg the suburbs around your salon/home salon.

Have you ever had a spare 2-3 hours because a client didn't show up or you don't have clients booked during that time block?

You could be annoyed they didn't show and watch some Netflix in a grump, or you could use that 2-3 hours to generate 10 new customers… I know which one will make my business thrive.
This blog will teach you what to do it and get the very best results.

Some key things to include in the flyer:


You can use a free website like www.canva.com to design this.
• A map! This is one of the most powerful overlooked aspects of flyers/letterbox drops. I cant remember the exact stat but a university was trying to get more students to donate blood on the campus and handed out fliers to everyone and didn't get many people turning up. On the next round of flyers they kept it exactly the same but simply put a map showing where the on-campus clinic was to donate blood and the results tripled! 
This works especially well if the map is quick and easy to pin point the location so make sure you include local landmarks like supermarkets (something that everyone in the area will likely know where it is). This will make it much easier to quickly work out where your salon is.
• A contact number. Pretty simple. Put your mobile number on it so people can call or text you to book in!
• A ‘call to action’ - this is basically something that tells them what to do. It can be as simple as ‘Call me now to enquire’ or something like ‘Book now and use code XYZ123 at checkout for a FREE brow tint’.
• List the services you provide so they can see exactly what you offer quickly and clearly. I wouldn’t list more than about 6 services so it doesn’t look cluttered.
• Make it look nice and clean - You don't need to be super fancy or a graphic artist but do try make it simple and clear what you are communicating. You can use free programs like www.canva.com which makes it very easy to design nice promotion. 
• You can get fancy and put a QR code on the flyer. If you don't know what this is then don't worry about it, it's not super important but can def help. (Its basically a code that most phone cameras can scan which links them straight to your website)
Now get them printed off on www.vistaprint.com.au or your local print shop.

Where to put the flyers?

Go to google maps and print out a map with your salon at the middle and then do a drop to all suburbs surrounding it (lets say within 15min walk to your salon). I find the old school way of printing out the map and then using a highlighter to mark out where I have already done works best but you can use a fitness tracker or whatever you like.
Now go for a walk! Put on your favourite podcast or music and some sunscreen and walk around putting the flyers in letterboxes. I find it nice and relaxing doing this. Not only are you getting out and getting some exercise but you are also working on your business! 
It turns the situation of a no-show client into a positive. That 2-3 hours that is now free can be used to promote your business!


Some extra bonus notes:

• I found it works especially well if you do the same area every 3-4weeks. The repeated exposure seems to work better than a single go.
• Don't put in the letterboxes saying ’no junk mail’. If someone has this on there letterbox you aren’t going to get good results putting a flyer in their letterbox and is illegal (I think).
• While you are out and about also put some of the flyers up on public notice boards like you find at the supermarket
So there you have it. You'll find once you employ this strategy, you may just have new clients walking in your door or calling you up within the next few days! The initial effort it takes to prepare and deliver is WELL worth the return you will get from client interest and then, of course, word of mouth will follow and continue to do the promotion work for you! As always, drop us a line if you have any further questions or need some advice from us at Locks Lash HQ.
Now stop reading this, and get yourself out there - it's a beautiful day!