#124 - So... What's Our Story?

Well, let's start at the beginning of it all with the story of Adam and Eve...

...also known as Jess and Derik husband + wife who bought Locks Lash in 2013 and ran the business by themselves for years!

They had a little garage (and we mean TINY) in Flemington VIC, which stocked our famous ‘Classic gel pads’ (the only type we had) and a few B and C curl lashes but mainly stocked J curl! Jess wrote hand written notes to salons she knew, and Derik packed any orders that came through… it was a beautiful thing.


In 2015 they brought on their first employee, Ali. Ali was thrown into the garage and told it was now her domain. She would listen to podcasts and eat Bahn Mi 4 days a week, before rushing to the post office with a handful of orders 📦

In 2016 the little team of 3 moved to a (slightly bigger but still very tiny) garage in Moonee Ponds VIC, and began to expand the range of lashes they stocked.

Half-way through 2016 Ali just couldn’t keep up with the Garage domain herself anymore, she brought on her friend for a few days to help and together they packed orders, organised classes, tested tweezers & listened to Harry Potter audio books 🧙🏻‍♂️

In September 2016 things were getting a little cramped again, and it was time for move #2!
We moved to a cosy office/apartment on High street Northcote Vic, it sure was an upgrade from the garage with a yummy Vietnamese restaurant next door and 3 whole rooms to fill with lashes and glue 😍


Here, we really started to find our feet. We brought on some more employees to help pack orders and answer phones. Soon we were 7 strong and the beauty beds we used for office desks just didn’t cut it anymore 😅

Finally, after using up every nook and cranny in the apartment for stock (shower/bath and all!) we found our current beautiful offices and warehouse in Collingwood Vic, in June of 2018. Relief! We had room to grow.

We picked up Jess’s cousin, Monty along the way. He's the mystery man behind many of Locks Lash's hidden easter eggs and practical jokes, as well as being pretty good at tech stuff, baking cheesecakes and being a person from New Zealand. 

Then you have Whai, Kadesa and Hailey, our warehouse Charlie's Angels! They pick, they pack and they make sure your pretty parcels get from us, all the way to you!

Then we added, Caitie (our social media gal), Charmaine (our marketing manager).

Now we have so many employees I loose track of the exact number!

We continue to expand and deliver even better training and products