# 123 - WAXING - You NEED to know these DOs and DON'Ts!!



Things to do before waxing:

1) Exfoliate - This helps to remove the outer layers of the skin. By removing the dead skin on the surface, it helps to ensure the skin is nice and clean as well as ensuring the wax sticks to the hair and not the skin. This also helps with minimising pain.

2) Tend to bruises and cuts - Ensure the area you are about to wax doesn’t have any open cuts or abrasions. If so, let them heal before commencing any waxing treatment. The same thing goes for bruises. If the client has a fresh bruise, it is best to let this heal to avoid causing any further issues.

3) Apply baby powder on the skin. You should use baby powder on skin which is quite moist or oily (on the face you can apply the baby powder with a cotton round.) If the skin is moist or oily it will stop the wax from attaching to the hair and when you remove the wax, it won’t remove the hair.

Things not to do before waxing:

1) Don't your wax during your period: Your body is tired with the whole bleeding process and waxing at the same time will simply add discomfort and pain, as your body is more sensitive during the time of the month when “Aunty Flow” comes to visit!

2) Don't shave in between appointments. This is important, even if it's an 'emergency'. Waxing can slow down and/or reduce hair growth. When you wax, the hair becomes thinner and therefore easier and less painful to remove. By shaving, you will nullify everything you’ve achieved with waxing. It can also irritate the follicles leading to unwanted ingrown hairs.

3) Try not to do a wax when the hair is  longer than 1/2 inch. This is because you will end up running the risk of the hair becoming tangled and caught in the wax and this can cause ingrown hairs. Ideally, the hair will be 1/4 inch long.

4) Application of lotion. Don't apply lotions, gels etc 24 hours prior to waxing. You want your skin to be clean, clear and dry so the wax attaches to the hair so removal of the hairs is more effective.

5) Avoid tanning products. Do not apply any tanning products 24-48 hrs prior to waxing.


Things to avoid after waxing:

1) Avoid the sun - Your skin is more sensitive and when you have your freshly waxed skin and its in direct sunlight can cause irritation or burns etc

2) Avoid perfume lotions, gels, makeup etc for 24 hrs - The follicles are open and subject to irritation and infection.

3) Do not apply heat for 24 hours - ie: swimming, saunas, and hot baths. Reason as above.

4) Do not apply any tanning products - 24-48 hrs after waxing. The follicles are open and are subject to infection and irritation. If you do apply tanning products when the follicles are open, it’ll leave brown dots in the area that’s just been waxed.

5) Do not pick the ingrown hairs apply an ingrown hair treatment cream.



Things to do after waxing:

1) After 2 days, moisturise and exfoliate. This will ensure the skin stays nice and hydrated and to help avoid ingrown hairs.


By being educated and following these important guidelines, you'll be creating the best experience for your customers, each and every time! 



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