If you've been in the lash industry for more than a year, it's highly likely that you've experienced some form of temporary or chronic back pain. That's right, you're not alone and it is common.

Most of the time, it kicks in when we're just finishing that last perfect Volume set of the day or about to pick up the kids from school and 'ain't got time for that'. So we ignore it, take a painkiller and pray to the lash angels that the pain doesn't come back again.


Unfortunately, there is no magic pill BUT we've made you a little guide of the best body stretches to help.

So whether you’re a gym junkie or a slack-bum this applies to you.

When repeating the same motions day after day with lashing, stretching loosens up those tense muscles and is an excellent prevention for injury. It will actually save time for you in the long run if you maintain your flexibility and core strength now.



Stretching keeps the muscles from tightening up and strengthens the body.
As a part of your everyday routine it can help prevent AND for others, relieve back pain.

Stretching is also excellent for improving your quality of sleep, posture and state of mind!




A lot of lash techs we know are BUSY. They are conquering the world, growing a business, some raising a family and generally getting heaps of $!$! done.

So, we’ve kept it simple. I mean hey, I’m sure if you had a personal assistant, maid, chef and nanny you would already be at the gym with your personal trainer.



So, here are some exercises that you can incorporate into a busy daily routine. They have been selected for the ease of doing them when you have time between clients.


Be kind to yourself and perform these exercises gently. No over-exertion or straining. These are meant to make you feel goooood!


Prayer Stretch

Start with your hands and knees on the floor. Lower your butt to your feet (as if you are going to sit on them) while also keeping your hands on the floor. You should feel a gentle stretch on your back. Hold the stretch and repeat 3 – 5 times.


Side Trunk Stretch


While lying or seated with posture straight, raise one arm over your head. Slowly Lean over or bend to the other side. Hold the stretch.
Do this on either side. Then repeat for both sides another 3-5 times.


Knee to chest stretch


Lying on your back, bend and raise one knee, then pull towards your chest. Do this until you feel a gentle stretch in the lower back. Do this on either side, hold the stretch and repeat 3-5 times.


Upper Back Stretch

Put your arms straight out in front of you. Clasp your hands together. Lower your head in line with your arms. Push your hands and arms more forward in front of your head. You should feel a gentle stretch around your shoulder blades and upper back. Hold the stretch and repeat.


The Spinal Twist

With posture straight, contract the abs, rotate the torso to your right while keeping your hips facing forward. Hold the stretch then repeat in the other direction. Repeat 3 – 5 times.


Oooft, don't you feel better already?

You can do these stretches many times a day between clients. Also, there are many more online. There are some great chiropractors out there with a tonne of recommended stretches for the back.

Stretching for flexibility is different to exercise. Simple easy-going activities like swimming and walking will exercise your butt, back and abdomen. This will loosen tense muscles and strengthen the core.