If you’re reading this, you might be someone who has been considering doing an eyelash extension course. You might be looking for a career change, a side hustle or a new skill. You may have been thinking about it for a while, you might have just come up with the idea this morning. You might already be a lash technician that can agree with me on everything I’m about to say and give those who need it a little extra encouragement. Or you might be looking for a blog to help you with humidity and you’re on this by accident. Hello to you anyway. 

Taking the leap to do a lash extension course, or any course, is the first step in a wonderful opportunity - but the price tag associated with a course and starting a lash setup may sometimes not be so desirable, especially in more recent times. 



So I thought that I would list some pro’s and con’s about getting into the industry and give you some honest facts and figures to help you a little when making these important decisions. I compiled these thoughts from my own experiences, as well as asking some of our other beautiful Locks Lash Technicians in our Facebook Group


PRO’s 👍🏼

❶ Value for money - it’s important to consider what you are getting for what you are paying. If you are getting a kit with your training, that’s money you don’t have to spend on products later on and it also works out that the products are cheaper this way (so saves you money in the long term). If you’re getting ongoing support and refreshers, that extra bit of help and knowledge could potentially unlock something that is going to be extremely beneficial to you in the future (i.e. business tips, marketing advice). The money you're paying is (hopefully, depending where you choose 😉) going to be going towards a lot more than just the face to face, 8 hour course element. 

❷ Be your own boss, choose your own hours and the more you work the more you will get paid - you will see a direct reward for the amount of effort you put in. 

❸ You will be automatically welcomed into one of the most wonderful communities in the working world - the beauty industry. You will make lifelong friends, you will get to be a part of a really special thing - where so many of us support each other, uplift each other and watch each other grow. It’s so wonderful. I love every day.
When you’re up and running, you can charge up to $130 for a full set of Classic Lash Extensions and up to $250 for a Volume set. If you look at the simple maths below, you can see that you could easily pay for your training expenses in the first week of delivering professionally to clients! 



**please note this is a rough average taken on all income and expenses, it is just to give you a basic idea of how much you can make and how much it will cost you**

Delivering to 5 clients per day;

3 x full set classic $130 each x 3 = $390

2 x refills classic $70 each x 2 = $140

Total for one day $530

Expenses for one day for 5 clients;

  • Product per client $10 x 5 clients = $50
  • Marketing / advertising $5 per client x 5 clients = $25
  • Phone, website, power etc (basic average) = $20 per day 
  • Other miscellaneous expenses = $20 per day

Total expenses per day $115 approx 

Profit per day $415!

Working 5 days per week delivering to 5 clients per day 5 x $415 (profit) = $2,075 per week profit (before tax). 

And that is only delivering to 5 clients per day! Imagine what you would make if you delivered to 6 or 7 clients in one day, and worked a Saturday here and there too! Also if you sold them retail products too (you make money on product you sell). 

With the financial return aside, when you decide to do a lash extension course, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to start your own business, choose your own hours, work when it suits you and expand to the capacity that you most desire. You’re investing into a lot more than just a course, you’re investing in your future.

    CON’s 👎🏼

    ❶ This industry is addictive! Trust me, it really is. It can consume you, your social media feed (the amount of hours I spend watching mascara wands run through think, fluffy sets or before and after photos of beautiful, full, brow laminations… ok I’m getting distracted now).


    ❷ If you don’t lash correctly, it can be hard on your hands, wrists and eyesight. This can be avoided if you are seated correctly, have correct seating and good lighting. There are so many resources around for this that you will be able to be proactive about it from the get go.

    ❸ There is a lot of information out there. A lot of industries have set data that you learn from when you’re first starting out - whereas in the lash industry, there is a lot of information from here, there and everywhere. I guess this can be a good thing and a bad thing. It’s easy to fall victim to a lot of false information and concepts and be led astray. You need to be on the ball and make sure you’re following and applying information from trusted sources. But the abundance of information also allows you to be constantly up skilling and learning and spending time reading about something you love (because you WILL fall in love, I guarantee it).

    ❹ What if you fail? Well gorgeous girl, what if you fly? Or... what if you sit around for the rest of your life wondering what could have been if you took the leap. 



       To help create & expand successful salons.

      I know it’s my job to tell you guys how good this industry is and tell you how good it is to do a course and become a lash technician, so you may think I’m a little biased. But if you’ve watched up to 30 seconds of any of my videos or lives on social media, you’d know I bloody love my job. I love this industry, and I love making sure that I help people like YOU, dear girl, in the right direction. 

      But if that doesn’t help you out - I put a post on our tech page asking ‘What was it that attracted you to get into this industry?’. Take a look through the responses and then shoot me an email 😉 training@lockslash.com.au or fill in the form below 

      From your fellow Lash Tech, Em xo