Locks Lash Glue & Retention Bible Online Course

Locks Lash Glue & Retention Bible Online Course

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The seasons have changed again which means a change in conditions for your glue. We have noticed the forum posts on bad retention going up so here is our way of helping you!



We have been in the industry for a very long time, continually paying attention to everything to give you the best information possibly.

Something we have noticed continuously as the biggest issue for technicians young and old, new and experienced is... GLUE!

Glue problems still seem to be the #1 problem.

SO to HELP the industry we have put together every piece of true information from our many many years in the industry and distilled it down to ALL the actual information you need.

Our vision for this is to HELP the lash industry as a whole. We want there to never be another post about glue problems because everyone has done this course and now knows how to perfectly handle their environment and glue to get the best results! 

We have put everything we know about glue 'problems' and how to solve them into this 'bible' (meaning: 'a book containing important information on a subject, that you refer to very often'). Everything from the surface you put the glue on to the perfect conditions for glue to sciencey stuff. 

Literally this course will stop all glue problems you may or may not have and make you a MASTER of glue.


Glue Bible Kit contents:

 If you were to buy the contents of this kit and course separately it would cost you over $900!


- How To Study This Course
- Shopping for Glues
- What To Put Your Glue On
- Shock Polymerisation
- How to Store Your Glue
- How the Glue Works
- Magic Triangle for Retention
- Correct Quantity of Glue
- Bad Batches of Glue
- Formaldehyde and When to Throw Away Your Bottle
- Speed of Your Sets
- Importance of Cleaning
- Changing Humidity Levels


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