Locks Lash Classic Course

Locks Lash is Australia's favourite way to train in Eyelash Extensions, both beginner Classic classes and Russian Volume Classes.

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We train regularly in over 25 locations around Australia and New Zealand including: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Werribee, Burswood, Darwin, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Cairns, Parramatta, Central Coast, Canberra, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Invercargill

+ Plus we can potentially come to you or your salon!

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What is a “Classic” Eyelash Extension?

Classic lash extensions refers to the process of attaching one false lash to one natural lash.

This differs from Volume Lash extensions where you apply multiple lash extensions to the one natural lash to create a fuller fluffier look (a more advanced technique).

Typically it's a good idea to train in Classic Lash Extensions then do the Volume Lash Extension training after the Classic course. The classic course goes over all the fundamentals of lash extensions.


Whats in the Kits & What You Will Receive

Watch the video above to see whats in the kits to make choosing easier!

What you get on the training day:

- Intensive training on application

- Safety considerations

- Trade tool identification

- How to get clients

- Marketing tips

- Full product knowledge

- Dummy head application

- Live model application

- Locks Lash kit & manual

- Locks Lash Certificate (once course requirements have been completed)

- Ongoing support, feedback and help

What you get after the training:

As a trained Locks Lash technician you will also receive after the class:

- 15% off all future product purchases

- Ongoing support and help

- Free refresher classes up to 1 year after training

- Access to exclusive tips, new techniques, new products & methods

- Access to video tips and new methods

- Access to the Locks Lash Technicians Facebook group where you get exclusive deals, giveaways, support and tips!

- Free website listing for your business

What's Taught:

Key Topics covered:

Glue -
Learn all about eyelash extension glue and HOW/WHY it works.
Learn how the glue sets
How it reacts with humidity
Ideal room temperature
Ideal room humidity
How long it takes glue to cure
How to store your glue
How long glue lasts for
Drying times of different glues

Debonder -
What it is
What it's used for

Primers -
How to clean lashes with primers and cleansers
Importance of cleansing
Difference between priming and cleansin

Aftercare education:
  - Cleansers
  - Mascaras
  - Sealants
  - What brands to use

Importance of lighting, sight and seating

Lashes -
Goes fully into different types of lashes (pre mades, volume, classic, mega)
What lashes are actually made out of and why
Curls, thicknesses and lengths of lashes

Hygiene and safety-
Covers importance of sterilising tools, what products are disposable etc

Clients -
How to spot a reaction before it gets worse
Fully goes over allergic reactions and what to do if a reaction does occur/why it occurs/best handlings
How to do a patch test
Can you lash pregnant women?


Practice on dummy head then practice on live model

- Eye-gel pad application

- How to correctly and efficiently isolate lashes

- Lash extension set application

- Styling methods

- Full lash extension set removal

- Single lash extension removal

- Aftercare



Fees, Payment Options, Deposits


Please note the training is the same for all options, it is only the kits that differ. Check out the 'What's in the kits' tab for more info on the differences.

Option 1: Course with Complimentary Kit Option - Kit gets you approx 3-5 sets - $1,595.00 inc GST

Option 2: Course with Basic Kit Option - Kit gets you approx 10-15 sets - $1,695.00 inc GST

Option 3: Course with PRO Kit Option - Kit gets you approx 50-60 sets - $1,895.00 inc GST

Payment Options/Deposits

Payment plans available through ZipPay* and Afterpay*

If you pay by Afterpay* or Zippay* you will be considered fully paid on our end. You then make payments to Afterpay* or Zippay* according to their payment schedule.

Alternatively you can book in and secure your spot with a $100 deposit (per class). The balance payment is needed 2 weeks before your class.

(*conditions apply - subject to approval and Zippay and Afterpay's lending criteria and terms and conditions. Application doesnt mean guaranteed approval)


What to bring?

You will be required to supply 2 models with you on the day of training.

Some additional goods may be available for purchase on the day at a heavily discounted rate. (Depending on location and availability).

All other materials needed will be supplied on the day!

Do I need to bring a model?

You will need 2 models. One for the morning and one for the second half of the day to practice on. We ask you make sure they don't have lash extensions on and come without eye make up on (this makes your life much easier!).

You can ask a friend, husband or anyone over 18 that has lashes!

There is also a lot of groups on Facebook that are great for finding models. Try search for 'models wanted' groups with your location.

Do you offer refunds?

In certain circumstances, we will offer refunds. See our full refund policy here.

Can I go straight to Volume if I am new to lashing?

The Classic course covers fundamentals of lashing which isn't covered in the Volume course. The Classic course goes over more than just the classic technique. It is assumed you know all of these fundamentals if you are in a Volume class so you may struggle to keep up.

I want to book in with my friend (s) can we get a special price

Get in contact with us ;)

Do you get a certificate?

Once you have completed the course, the next step will be to go home and find 4-5 (sometimes more, sometimes fewer) models to practice on. You will need to send pictures of your work to your trainer.

The trainer will then critique your work and give you things to work on for the next set. Once you have gotten your sets to an acceptable level you will be passed and be sent your certificate!