After many months of trialling, testing, sampling and tweaking, Locks Lash have released their own brand of Lash Lift products! We are super proud and have been receiving great feedback about the range.

In this blog we are going to get specific on why our new range is so awesome and the nitty gritty about the products. 


Lash lifting is fairly straightforward and you can get a result with many of the products on the market, however it does make a world of difference when you find an item or product that makes your results more consistent, faster and/or easier. You might get a range of Lash lift products where the solutions work great but the glue isn’t fast drying enough. Or the glue is awesome but the rods don’t give a great lift. When you get all 3 components working well, it’s a Lash lifters dream!



Rods give a great curl but in doing so can create the illusion the lashes are shorter. In this scenario it’s better to use shields as these lift the lashes more, however they can sometimes lift the lashes up and not give enough of a curl. The Locks Lash Lift rods are like if shields and rods had a baby. They seem to know when the lashes needing curling more than lifting and lifting mores than curling. Here’s an example of the rods at work from one of our Lash Lift technicians. 






Next we have the glue. Good lash lift glue can make or break you as a technician. If the glue is not effective enough you can feel like you are going to spend an eternity getting the lashes to stick down. Some lashes are very cooperative and you could use any glue and they will stick easily. It’s especially when you have those stubborn, thick and resistant lashes that you need to have a really good glue. The locks lash glue is fast drying and user friendly. It also goes on thinly enough that when you need to reapply glue to an area to fix it up, it won’t cause a thick wall of glue which can effect your lash lift result.  



Now to the solutions. We tried countless lash lift solutions on many types of lashes. Some worked great on thinner lashes but not so great on thick, some worked great on thick lashes but were too harsh for weaker and frail lashes. Some smelt like something had died when you opened up the lifting solution. So we realised we need to tweak our own range and get it exactly how we wanted. 


STEP 1- 


The lifting solution. It is one of the gentler solutions on the market. Will it lift lashes in 5 minutes? - no. Because it is a gentler solution, it is not going to break down the lash as fast as some others on the market and has a processing time of 8-14 minutes depending on what type of lash you are working with. We are yet to see or hear of any over processed lashes from our products. They less chance of frizz for the clients lashes the better we say!


STEP 2- 



Setting solution. This helps set the lift in place and neutralise the lifting solution. 


STEP 3- 



One of the parts of our range we are most happy about. Step 3 is a mixture of oils that will not break down the lift but instead rehydrates the lashes at the end of the lift and gives them a little reward at the end. Some lash lift ranges have a 2 step procedure, with water being used to clean up at the end. With step 3, you use it at the end to clean the lashes, remove glue from the lashes and give them a hydration boost at the end. 




Lash lifting is offered in most salons these days and has taken over the market in quite a short time. It is a great treatment to offer along with lash extensions. With a treatment time of under an hour and a cost of $5 for products per lash lift, the Locks Lash range is something we are super proud of!

Here are some before and afters using the Locks Lash range.    


If you've been reading this without a clue of what Lash Lift is, well you've come to the right blog. Why? Because this is a sign that you are looking for the right course to come along, sweep you off your feet and certify you in Lash Lifting in the blink of an eye! If only there was an awesome online course you could do within a day that gives you all the knowledge and tools to start servicing lash lifts....😏


See? It's almost like fate ❤️
If you have any questions about any of our product or training, feel free to contact us via phone or email and one of our team will be sure to answer your questions and set you up with our awesome brand of lash lift product/training!
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