STAIN vs. HYBRID DYE vs. REGULAR TINT - Know The Difference

STAIN, the new kid on the block, is taking the brow industry by storm and for very good reason. STAIN is a highly pigmented and rich brow colour formulated to give your brows an intense and defined shape. Great for clients who love those beautifully carved eyebrows 😍


But how is it different from a hybrid brow tint or regular tint? Regular tint does not contain henna which is why the colour will not stain the skin and hairs for as long as a hybrid tint. Regular tint coats the outside of the hair follicle, whereas hybrid penetrates the whole hair follicle, resulting in longer lasting results. Our hybrid tint is an easy to work with creme formula, which is also a highly pigmented tint resulting in long-lasting brows. It is also Ammonia Free so your clients are guaranteed a gentle, but effective colour. A stain is very similar to a hybrid tint, the main difference is that a stain is a liquid formula rather than a creme, and is a more pigmented solution, resulting in darker/more dramatic results.



Why would I opt for STAIN over Hybrid Brow Tint then? This comes down to your clients overall desired look for their brows. Hybrid Brow Tint is a little more natural looking whereas STAIN gives a more intense look, the ultra-concentrated pigment produces a more dramatic effect, lasting weeks on end. Both these tints will equally tint both the hairs and skin to your desired intensity, however STAIN is a more liquid pigment.


Benefits of STAIN 🤎

✅ Extreme pigment technology

✅ Stains skin for up to 7 days & hair up to 6 weeks

✅ Rapid development time (5-12min)

✅ Only $0.57 per application

✅ 30-40+ applications per bottle

✅ Up to $2000 revenue per bottle


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