The two most successful things I did in my salons to boost them! (Written by Jessica Brown, Founder of Locks Lash)

Written by Jessica Brown, Founder of Locks Lash

The two key, fundamental and powerful tools to use to get your salon (or any business) to expand are...

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1. Successful Actions

We have all done things which have worked both in life and in business.

  • When you run an advert and it gets responses, that is a successful action. When you treat a customer in a certain way that makes them return - that is a successful action.
  • When you made your best friend your best friend - what you did to create that was a successful action.
  • When you asked in a certain tone with certain words for your kid to do something and they then did it happily - that was a successful action.
  • If you painted a wall a certain colour and each time you see it, it makes you happy - that is a successful action.
  • If a customer returned - how you treated them & the service you delivered to them was a successful action

Each business will have successful actions that you have applied, with or without you realising they would be successful actions. Typically one has to look into the past to discover what those actions were once the results become present.

And that is where the key to success and a good life comes; is being able to observe that some aspect of your business or life is working well, and then recognising what actions you did prior to create that. And then go and do it again and again and again on repeat. Not changing a thing, just repeat the same successful action.

That does not mean you can’t try out new things - absolutely you can! However, while doing so, make sure you don’t drop out what was successful and keep doing them. Don't change them, just do exactly what was successful. 

Have a look around in your business, are you finding you have more clients one month but not the next. Don’t explain it away as some mysterious thing, or because of the economy etc.

Instead get smart about it, and have a look at EXACTLY what actions you did PRIOR to having that awesome week/month.

What were you posting on socials exactly? What actions were you doing towards customers? What offers were you offering? What attitude did you have?

I promise you, if you look hard enough you will see some things you were doing then that you are not doing now.

Go and implement those things again! And watch things rise in your business and in your life.

Which brings me the second super successful action to expand your business and yourself...

2. Give, give, give!

Giving is not just a monetary thing at all!

Giving is smiling at another, giving is paying someone an honest complement, giving is asking a stranger if they need help, giving is calling a friend just to say hi and to tell them they are wonderful.

Giving is finding out from your customers exactly what they need and want from you as a business, and delivering that.
Giving is customer service. Giving is a warm greeting to your customer. Giving is sending them a birthday card. Giving is giving them a random discount or free service. Giving is educating your customers on aftercare. There are so many ways to GIVE.

Focus on this in your business, and I promise it will grow.

And do you know why one should give … not because it comes back to you from others giving then to you (which it usually does anyway) … but because it makes YOU feel just wonderful. Recall a time, when you went and gave something, anything to someone, or truely helped another. You felt lovely right.

That loveliness that you feel, goes out and spreads. It makes you more productive, it makes you feel better about yourself, it makes others do better and feel better about themselves, it makes customers loyal to you, it makes customers talk about your business - there is nothing but positive beautiful repercussions!

I remembered this all today … I was looking at when Locks Lash’s (and myself) were doing the best. And I looked prior to those points to see what I / we were doing.

Then I saw that one of my personal and business successful actions ... was simply helping others. And I remembered how much I adore just helping and that motivation was always at the bottom of every business I have ever had. It is why Locks Lash continually have the same reviews of ‘customer service was amazing’.

I also remember how much my staff would be happier people for it too. See all round it has beautiful repercussions!

I remembered how much effort I use to put into Locks Lash to just help others and the customers. We still do this, but not with the same quantity of velocity and intention as we use to.

I got a little lost along the way, and started doing other things instead of my key successful actions, which was just to help and give, give, give in as many ways as I possibly can.

So in view of that! I learnt my own lesson (again) today. So thank YOU!

Let me know if you need ANYTHING at all. I really sincerely mean that. You can email me directly at or even call me if you want 0450538295. Or contact the office (03) 9376 4426 /

What next?

*There is also a Free Downloadable Exercises booklet that goes with this blog, get it by clicking here*


So in view of this! I am putting back into the business what I and the team adore...helping! We're are doing ‘Treat Tuesday’ every Tuesday, where we are just helping people and giving stuff away and entertaining you and making you smile.

4:00 (Melbourne time) every single Tuesday. And you don’t even have to be a customer, or have purchased anything or even do lashes and brows! It’s open to everyone :-)

It will be on Locks Lash Facebook page, Locks Lash Insta and my personal Insta;

See you there! Love this!!

Love Jessica x