Hi, I’m Shannon - a beauty industry professional and this is my blog on why investing in high quality training is so important!
I have worked in the beauty industry since 2015 and have been doing lash extensions since 2015.
I have completed a few training courses, some locally, some interstate. The best training courses I have completed have covered everything you would need to know for you to best perform that treatment or service.  
“I started lashing clients and they weren’t lasting, they would fall off very quickly. I would re-apply the set and the same thing would happen.”
When I started my journey in the beauty industry, I was shown how to apply lash extensions from someone else who worked in the industry. This person had taught themselves and had no formal training in lash extensions. I started lashing clients and they weren’t lasting, they would fall off very quickly. I would re-apply the set and the same thing would happen. Even though the lashes looked great at the end of the appointment, this isn’t enough, they should be lasting at 2-4 weeks until they need refilling. 
I pride myself in providing the best service that I can to my customers, so I enrolled myself in a how to ‘apply lash extensions’ course with a company. After completing this unit, my understanding and knowledge of lash extensions did get better, but the extensions still weren’t lasting. The unit only covered the very basics. This wasn’t enough. It was time to do a more comprehensive course! “

I started talking with eyelash extension training companies again and it was only then that I started learning that there was more than just glue, tweezers and lashes. I came across Locks Lash and through conversation alone, I learned glue needs to be replaced every 4-6 weeks for best retention, the environment in which we apply lash extensions needs to be a certain temperature and certain humidity level and more!
I decided to complete my lash extension training through Locks Lash. WOW- I learned SO much! I didn’t realise just how much was involved in becoming a lash tech. The training course went through everything in great detail and really sets you up to be able to offer the best service possible to your clients. It’s the only course I have done that really explains glue in detail. How glue should be stored, how much you need, why the environment needs to be a certain temp and humidity level etc. Most courses only touch glue - but I’ve come to learn it’s one of the most important things to know!
Some key learnings from my Locks Lash  lash extension training:
  • Bottles of glue need to be replaced after 4 weeks. 
  • A hydrometer is needed at all times to monitor temperature and humidity (environment is so important for retention)
  • pH level on lashes is important and also key in great retention
  • Priming isn’t required for EVERY client (the course covers why) 
A lot of salons or clinics blame clients for lashes falling out and don’t really do anything to investigate why this is happening. This can be totally avoided if high quality training was invested in to begin with. The beauty industry is regularly changing. What were once current and up to date methods are now old and incorrect. Outdated methods can even pose a risk to lash health. By training with Locks Lash, you can ensure that you’re ALWAYS getting the most up to date information!
The thing that I love most about Locks Lash training is the level of support offered. They genuinely care and allow you to call and email them - ever after you’ve completed your course. Some training companies have no interest in whether you succeed or not but that is definitely not the case with Locks Lash! Locks Lash offers training of such a high standard that I would strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to become a lash tech.
Below you’ll find a checklist to help you decide on if a training institution provides high quality training.
I hope that my blog has brought to light the importance of training and how it can greatly impact your career as a lash tech!
Signing off,
Shannon x
How to check if the training you are interested in is of a high quality?
  1. Check company reviews
  2. Contact the company yourself
  3. Compare:
  • Does the company provide much support? 
  • How long does the training go for? Generally training of a lower standard is quite short unless it is following on from other training and/or a refresher.
  • Are there options for online and in-person training?
  • Do they have payment options? Generally the cost to train in lash extensions can be anywhere from $500 - $4,000 which most people don’t have spare.

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