Theres lots of ways to grow your insta account. Heres a few tips:

  • Firstly think about what your demographic and target them, no point getting a follower that has no interest in product!
  • Think of ways to target the right people.
  • Insta is a community of sharing and communicating! You should aim to post something at least once a day if possible. As long as its quality content it seems that the more you post the more your page and income will grow!
  • Mix up the content you are posting. Do post your work (before and afters etc) and other pretty pics of your work, but also mix it up with funny pics or general interest posts. You should also be commenting on and liking others posts.
  • Try and get your followers to tag you in their posts of their lashes etc, this is one of the best ways of getting new clients as their friends will want what they have if its good. Maybe even run a promotion that incentivises people to do it.
  • Try promoting a post. Instagram allows you to pay to boost one of your posts and it will force itself into others feeds. The key to this is content and audience. If you’re posting every day you will find some posts do better than others. If the post naturally does better than others thats a good indicator it will do well in a paid post. The second is your audience! If you are a salon you should promote only to the suburb you are in and the surrounding suburbs as people dont tend to travel too far for appointments. No use promoting to Sydney if you’re in Melbourne! Think also about your demographic (the group your customer fall into). You should be advertising to people who are similar to your current customers (age and gender etc).



We see them, we hear about them and I'm sure we've all asked the question, are they worth it? Well lets start with the benefits; 


Having a bunch of followers make your business subconsciously seem more credible to anyone looking at the Instagram or Facebook page. It makes them think “Wow! So many people like this lash studio they must be good!”. So having fake followers can help with that.


  • They mess with the algorithms (allegedly); Instagram and Facebook dont want people having fake followers, instead they want people to be interacting with real people. So apparently they have ways of detecting if you have a lot of fake followers, and they will make your post not be seen as many people.
  • Its usually pretty obvious under a little investigation that someone has fake followers… So you have 20,000 followers and you only get 7 likes on a post??? Hmmmm… This can deminish your credibility.
  • It makes it a lot harder to advertise well! When you make a boosted (paid ad) post you will be asked to make your “audience” for the ad. You can either manually make an audience but it is a lot of guesswork. Instagram and Facebook have a feature to target people who are similar to your current fan base. This is the best option as it will target users similar to what you already have… but! If a lot of your followers are fake then it will try and target more fake followers!