How to create Policies and Procedures for my Beauty Business

The dreaded time of creating your policies and procedures, this can be a tricky thing to get your head around, yet is incredibly important to have as a part of your business 📈

Due to legalities, I cannot tell you exactly what is needed in your own policies and procedures, however I can include some suggestions of what you can include 💁‍♀️

*Boring disclaimer: This isn't a substitute for legal advice, please seek legal advice to make sure your policies are compliant with any laws.*

Before starting you want to do some research and have a look at a few similar salons in your area and what things they have included. However, you want to have yours differ in relation to your type of business.

Below is an example of some subheadings that you can use, however, we are not legal professionals and you may need to seek further legal advice in finalising your policies and procedures 📖

  • General Information - what is your company, your ABN and what is your main purpose
  • Your responsibilities as the salon
  • How data is collected, stored (this is in relation to customer privacy)
  • Customer rights
  • Payment security
  • Age of consent (you may have an age limit for some of the services you provide)
  • Returns and refunds policy
  • Deposits - here you can include time frames in which notice is required
  • No Shows, No Call, Last minute cancellations - does this incur in a fee etc.
  • Responsibilities for children and personal items
  • Covid 19 Policy
  • Customer etiquette - arriving at your appointment on time, clean lashes etc
  • Make-up cleaning fee (sometimes a client is a repeat client that always wears makeup and it cuts into your service time removing)
  • Timeframe of when they can come in if lashes are falling out etc

Policies define boundaries and outline expectations for owners, staff and clients. Policies equate to structure, which everyone needs. This also helps keeping not only you as the owner but clients accountable of their actions 💖

Hope this helps!