Can I get my Lash Extensions wet? 🌊

Can You Cleanse Your Lashes Straight Away?/ Can I get my lash extension wet? 💧

Myth - You cannot get your lashes for 24 hours after a fresh set of eyelash extensions 🫢 

How many of you have heard this statement before and believe in it? I know I used to, until taking a step back and looking at the science of it compared to the opinions 👩🏼‍🔬

Truth - You CAN get your lashes wet straight after a fresh set of eyelash extensions and it is recommended that you give your lashes a cleanse right away. There are so many benefits of giving them a cleanse right away with the biggest one being better retention 🫧

Back when eyelash extensions first came about we were advised not to get them wet for 24 hours because the lash adhesives were not as great as they are now and the adhesive took a long time to cure. Since then we are now more educated on the lash adhesive and the adhesive itself has also improved for the better and we have a better understanding of how it works. The lash adhesive we use at Locks Lash is a higher grade cyanoacrylate (there are around 8 different types of cyanoacrylate that can be used in lash adhesive), that works well with water and curing. So when cleansing after a lash set it will assist in securing those bonds to the natural lash giving you better results 💁‍♀️

As the adhesive cures, there are vapours that can settle on your clients skin and this can cause some of the sensitivities and allergies we see on a small amount of clients. As the skin around the eyes is the most delicate and thin. Removing these vapours is a small step you can take to prevent these reactions from happening and this is by giving your clients a Lash Bath 🛁

To perform a Lash Bath, you want to wait around 5 mins for the lash glue to cure as we do not want to cause any shock polymerisation. During this 5 mins you can double check that there are no lashes stuck to the bottom, brush through the fresh set, remove any tape and gel pads. Then I would go in with my cleanser, cleansing the lashes and eye area to ensure they are no adhesive residues staying around, rinsing off with water then drying with your air puffer or electric fan. This will help with retention and prevent any irritation or allergies from forming 🩷

Hope this helps 🥰

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