I just wanted to give a shout out to all the Locks Lash Fam especially the Locks Lash Students. Majority of the quality that is coming out of the Online Courses and on all the Socials is out of this world Amazing.


I wanted to take this time to give you all 5 tips on how to ensure your Quality stays up and that your clients get the best possible quality.


1. Refresh your knowledge regularly: The Beauty Industry is an every changing industry and it’s really important to ensure you are kept up-to-date with the latest trends, treatments and knowledge. There is nothing worse than being left in the ‘ice age’ and delivering a treatment that is out-of-date. Look at the past couple of years, tinting was the go to treatment and now it’s all about Henna. Same goes with Brow lam! There was no treatment that was even close to this apart from using a brow mascara, but that would only last until the client washed it off. So now Brow lam is the latest new Beauty trend which is how your clients can now have their brows looking like any of the Kardashians or they’re walking the runway.  Our online courses give you lifetime access to all of the data and videos in the courses. Our in house training you are able to have unlimited refresher courses valid for a year.


2. Take the time to do your practice: I’ve noticed a lot on all the socials a lot of you have taken this time to practice which has definitely been noticeable in a lot of your sets you’ve been posting on your socials. Push yourself and try different styles with your lashes. Even practice how you can perfect those brows. Get inspiration from other lash techs. Just remember it takes time to be AMAZING and practice makes perfect. Even Edward Scissorhands wasn’t great at the start and look at the creations he was making at the end of the movie. That comes down to practice and with that you get confidence and competence in what you’re delivering.

3. Taking care with each little bit that what you’re doing is just RIGHT!

I don’t know about you girls but it felt like we were all on a mouse wheel just going around and around almost like groundhogs day leading up to this whole covid-19 isolation. Being in Isolation has allowed us all to take a step back and breathe. It’s also allowed us to take more time with our treatments and ensure that every step we are doing is just RIGHT! It’s noticeable in the photos you are posting on the Socials but also in the submissions from the Online Courses.

If we take our time to ensure our quality is on point and I believe we should push quality over quantity in our treatments. Since the quality of your treatments that you’re producing is amazing then you can increase your prices.

Remember quality over quantity.

That doesn’t mean spend half a day on a brow treatment but allowing enough time to ensure the quality of the treatment is on point and you’re not rushing therefore producing a service that isn’t up to par. Allow yourself an adequate amount of time to deliver your service.  If you think of having a treatment at a 5 star day spa and then having the same treatment at a regular spa/salon what is the difference? I can tell you it comes down to those finer details; the quality of the products used, amazing customer service, the atmosphere and the quality of the service plus you never feel rushed as a guest/client.

4. Up-Skilling -  If you want to get the best out of a service I can not stress enough how important it is to be able to up sell another service to your clients. Think ‘would you like fries with that’ mentality. You want your home salon or salon to be the one stop shop where your clients can get everything done to make their lashes and brows the envy of every female. It’s all about having that one stable terminal you can rely on and trust to make you even more beautiful.

The other good thing with up-skilling is a lot of the data in our courses offers you even more data that you can apply to your services. It adds layers of knowledge that you can use in any treatment. For example in the threading and waxing facial courses the course goes over how you can measure out the brows to perfect their shape. In the Henna course again you go over this and the more times over data the more certainty you get in applying that data.

So if you have a client that comes in for henna and you are skilled in waxing or threading you can then up-sell them to a brow shaping as well as to really get that perfected #browsonfleek look. If the client has an allergic reaction to the lash glue then you can deliver a lash lift to them, keeping them as a client.

I know for me being a busy working mum or #girlboss being able to have the one salon deliver everything I need saves on time driving around, saves on all the appointments I need to remember etc.

5. Don’t be Serious: Be serious but don’t be serious if you know what I mean. I’m not saying go an act like a clown, not that there is anything wrong with clowns LOL! It means enjoy and have fun creating because all the treatments you deliver as they are all creative pieces of art. This means the face you are working on is your canvas so enjoy that create. You don’t need to have that beautiful sadness mentality going on but smile and think back to why you are doing what you are doing and enjoy the smiles you put on your clients faces. It’s nice to walk into a friendly, happy, welcoming environment.


    So with all that being said lets all push our QUALITY in our services and keep the standards high in the Beauty and Lash industry.

    And don’t forget to have fun!!!

    Love your fellow Melbourne Locks Lash tech & trainer,

    Gabs xo