#174 - Earn EXTRA income with Simply Naked Beauty

Earn Extra Income With Simply Naked Beauty!

Simply Naked Beauty is growing to be a beauty favourite across the globe!
Beauty therapists and everyday babes alike, are quickly getting hooked on Simply Naked Beauty’s incredible range of brow and lash care and cosmetics products. 
Not only do beauty therapists love Simply Naked Beauty products for their quality (read reviews below), they love them because they’re an incredible way to generate additional income as a beauty professional. 
So, you may be asking yourself…
"How do I earn extra income with Simply Naked Beauty?"           
The answer’s quite simple! We offer the opportunity for you to purchase the entire Simply Naked Beauty product range at wholesale rates. We’re seeing babes earn crazy $$$, just by retailing these products to their clients.
How does it work?
The more you buy, the more you earn! Let’s use 'Yes They’re Mine' - Long Lash Serum, as an example:
You can view the complete earning chart on the 'Yes They’re Mine' - Long Lash Serum product page.
What products should I sell to each client?
The Simply Naked Beauty range has something for each of your clients; don’t let any client leave without purchasing a product suitable for them (we promise they’ll thank you for it too)
Based on what treatment you’re providing, suggest a product suitable for them. Here’s the list of products, along with suggestions on which clients to offer them to:
'Yes They’re Mine' Long Lash Serum     
Everybody wants longer lashes: 'Yes They’re Mine' Serum is a product for everyone (including lash extension clients). This magical formula will have lashes growing within 12 days of us - don’t believe it? Read all about it HERE!
* This product is suitable for ALL of your clients (in-fact every single one of them should be walking away with this magical potion

3D + 4D Mascara Range
The Simply Naked Beauty product range includes four fibre mascaras including Lash Science 3D Fibre Mascara, Lash Science GOLD 3D Fibre Mascara, Lash Science 4D Fibre Mascara and My Favourite Mascara - 4D Silk Fibre Lash Mascara.  The fibres in this range of mascaras, will achieve long, full and luscious lashes in just a few layers.  The more you layer up, the longer, fuller and more luscious your lashes will become!
*Suitable for clients who may not be your lash extension clients, but still want to rock longer lashes
     Lash Science Mascara Nourishing Base

This rock-star mascara works as a 2-in-1 product: a base primer to your favourite mascara, or as your primary mascara. It contains SDA Certified Organic Castor Oil & Collagen; helping your natural lashes grow to be long, strong & healthy. 

*These products is suitable for lash lift clients and anyone without lash extensions
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Brow Magic

Say hello to the best brows, EVER! Brow Magic comes in a single colour that suits any hair/skin type. It uses “buildable” colour; the more you apply, the darker it gets. This product has been tested for over 3 years in professional salons.

*This product is suitable for anyone wanting darker, thicker looking brows
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Beauty Brow Pencil

Every gal needs one of these babies! This magic brow pencil allows you to build coverage and like Brow Magic, comes in a single colour, allowing you to build the brows you desire.

*This product is suitable for anyone wanting darker, thicker looking brows
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Max2 Protective Coating/Sealant

Max2 also offers a protective coating / sealant that can be applied on top of lash extensions to help to protect the bond of the glue and also to feed the natural lashes essential nutrients, comes in black or clear. Which can be worn like an eye liner.

*This product is suitable for anyone with lash extensions
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Max2 Mascara

Max2 Lash Extension safe mascara. Contains Royal Jelly & other herb extracts which also helps to promote healthy natural lashes. For those clients that want to add a bit of sass to their evening.

*This product is suitable for anyone with lash extensions
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