#165 - How To Organise Your Life!


A lash-tech's guide on never running out of a bottle of glue again!


Ever since that Marie Kondo series came out on Netflix in 2019, the way we organise (and even view organisation) has completely changed!
However, we’re going to take our organisation journey on a little bit of a different route (Sorry Marie!). 

Today, we’re getting our lash tech lives organised!

(If you don’t do lash extensions and offer other services instead, you can just apply what stock is relevant to your services to this blog!)



1. Count it baby!

Get your calculators out and your best Count impression from Sesame Street on, we’re about to do a whole lot of counting!



The first place to start when you’re deciding to get your lash tech life organised is to come to terms with what you have now. This will give you a good headspace to work out where you have to go, what you have to get and what habits do you want to see yourself adopting/maintaining!


First, go through everythinggg stock-wise that you have and use for your clients. You need to get a confirmed quantity of stock that you possess right now so that you know what you need and do not need more of.


It’s always good practice to do a stock count at the end of every month to determine how much product you’re using and what you need to re-order. If you’re forgetful (like me!), then set a repeated alarm on your calendar for the end of every month so that even if you don’t remember, your alarm will!


2. Reflect

Everybody needs to do a little reflection from time to time. First of all, sit down in the mirror and tell yourself how damn fine you’re looking today, then get back on track and start to think about the frequency and volume of clients that you’re currently managing.


After you’ve counted up your stock, and before you think about going to order more, take a moment to reflect on how many clients you’re taking on and the frequency of appointments that you’re attending to. 


If you’re just starting out and are maybe only doing a few clients a week, it’s probably not the best idea to commit to buying thousands of dollars worth of products if you’re not going to use it. Same goes if you’re a super busy tech who’s booked back-to-back with clients. Consider how much product you’re going to need to get you through all of those clients comfortably and without running into any ‘Oh no I don’t have any glue left!’ moments. 


It’s important to reflect honestly on the frequency and volume of clients you’re taking on and how your next order can equally supply for that demand!


3. Get shopping girl!



So, you’ve done your stock count and you’ve taken a moment to assess the amount of clients you’re currently taking on. Now it’s time for the fun part, shopping!
We always suggest that it’s a good idea to order the stock that you need at the start or end of every month (depending on when you do your stock count). This way, you know that 12 times a year you are consistently ordering what you need and are sticking to a schedule. Having a schedule will reduce the amount of those ‘uh-oh’ moments!


Glue is definitely one of those products that you HAVE to stay on top of. Luckily, if you’re operating on this monthly schedule of counting your stock and making your subsequent order, you’re also aligning well with your glue’s schedule too!


4. Glue, glue, glue!

Like I said before, glue is a product that is VITAL to stay on-top of. So when the occasional glue sale comes around, don’t be afraid to take advantage of it!


If you can get your fav glue for a special price, take that opportunity and run with it! You can store unopened glue virtually for a lifetime in the freezer! 



When you’re ready to use the glue, all you have to do is leave out the bottle overnight to get to room temperature and give it a really good shake the next morning! 


This way, you’re stocking up on so much glue and you don’t have to pay for the glue at full price the next time you do your monthly shop!
You can shop your fav selection of glues HERE!


5. Be yo' best extra self!


It's always good to be a little extra sometimes, and this is no different for your lash supply. 

Like we said, it's important to not be over-ambitious with how much you order, but it's just as important to always have a back-up. A really good habit to get into is having a spare of everything you need. This way you're ensuring that no matter what, you've got a back-up if something were to run out. 

Consider having two trolleys (or drawers - or whatever works for you!) and keeping one for used and current products that you're using in your sets, the other for unopened spares!

6. Reach out to your lash babes!


Lucky for you, you’ve got a super incredible and helpful community of amazing lash techs who you can lean on for support or advice! 

Want to hear some advice and tips from your fellow techs on their organisation? Ask away! As lash techs, we’re super fortunate that we all have such an expansive community full of knowledge and experience - make sure you utilise this and help build other lash techs up as well!


Want to network and find like-minded techs?

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Feeling inspired and ready to get your stock under control?! 

 (I can hear the resounding yes coming from your side of the screen!)


Then go forth and organise your lash tech life you beautiful thing!


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