#164 - Create The Life You Want - Become A Lash Tech!

Yes - it’s not impossible!
When we ask our past students what they love the most about being a lash tech, the common responses are:
  • I love the flexibility and ability to work my own hours
  • I love that I can be my own boss (no more passive-aggressive emails from your 9-5 boss!)
  • I love that I have fun and social job


Becoming your own boss, working your own hours, making as much or as little money as you want and most importantly, controlling your own life is the beauty of becoming a lash tech.
So who are these boss babes taking our course to step into their new and amazing life? Well, there’s a large list, but here are some of our key students:
  • Babes in full-time jobs wanting a side hustle (which usually quickly turns into a full time gig for many)
  • Mums wanting to get back into the workforce in a social role, with complete flexibility
  • Uni students looking to make a little extra cash
  • Current beauty therapists looking to add and expand their salon/service range


That’s why we’ve introduced our online ‘3-in-1 Complete Lash Artistry’ course.
This course will get you FULLY CERTIFIED in classic, hybrid and volume lash applications!
By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to start your own business, taking on paying clients, living your perfect life!
This course checks all boxes when it comes to anyone with a busy schedule. Why?
Our 3-in-1 Complete Lash Artistry course allows you to
  • Study at your own pace (the course is 100% completed virtually)
  • Study from anywhere (your lounge room, your bed, on your work lunch breaks, sitting poolside sipping cocktails - you decide)
  • Gain access to a live trainer (who’ll help you through your course)
Becoming a lash tech means that you open yourself up to so many more connections, networks and relationships you never thought possible! You’ll not only be taking on clients, but you’ll be establishing real friendships and a network of empowered and successful women - yes, including you!
So what’re you waiting for?!
Wanting to quit that 9-5 that you hate?
Want to spend more time with your kids?
Needing a side hustle whilst you study at University?
Take control of the life you deserve and step into your perfect life now. 
Start HERE!