Something really interesting happened today...

(Bit random but dont worry im going somewhere :D )


I went to go sign up to a gym today and they did the usual consultation to find out my goals etc etc. 

Then halfway through they asked this really interesting question; "How long have you been thinking about doing this?". Thinking about I had been thinking about joining for 2years! 
Imagine if i'd started going to the gym 2years ago! How much fitter I would be and further towards my goals I would be...

Made me think about all the other things I have been thinking about doing and just HOW LONG ive been thinking about doing.

Heres the question for you:

What have you been thinking about doing that you haven't done?

and how long have you been thinking about doing that?

What we can help with...

How long have you been thinking about getting trained in Eyelash Extension or another service? 6months? 2years? 6years?
Imagine how much further along you would be if you had added that service or started your own business if you had done it that long ago...
As the saying goes "The best time to do something is yesterday, the second best time is right now..."
So what training have you been thinking about doing? Let's get you signed up for it and on your way TODAY!
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- Scroll down and fill in the contact form and we will get back to you!

(and while you are at it think about anything else you have been putting off and start that TODAY! Yes that means signing up to that personal trainer etc)

Good luck and we are here for you xx