With much of NZ and Australia STILL (bloody) in lockdowns, we wanted to help you in different ways to ensure when you DO re-open, (because you will and all of this bollocks WILL be over SOON) that it is an awesome process with loads of customers flooding through your doors, making you so much money you can buy like 10 Louis Vuittons AND they keep coming back again and again and again. 


Our number one most important thing that you must must be doing during your lock down is COMMUNICATING to your customers. Not necessarily selling to them, but just good old plain communication. 

You simply must remind them constantly that your business is still very much alive with every intention to re-open (when permitted), so when you do re-open you are their first choice to go to for their services. 

Remember you do have competition, so this helps customers make you as their number one choice.  



Communicating can be done in the following ways; 


  1. Social Media 

The obvious choice. You don’t have to post just about lashes or your services, you don’t have to just try and sell them things - just communicate to them. Tell them what you are doing in lockdown, tell them what your kids are doing and some tips to keep them entertained, tell them about you still working on your business, give them fashion tips, repost other successful posts… anything at all! But just keep communicating. 

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2. Old Fashioned (but effective) Stuff 

We live in such a digital age that very very rarely does any old fashioned mail turn up at the letter box at the end of your drive. Because of this, it is actually one of the most effective ways you can now communicate and market to your clients. 

Yes it does take a little longer and is slightly more costly in price … but baby it’s worth it!



Write your customers some hand written cards or letters just to say hi and that you’re thinking about them during lock down’s. Something as simple as that will go a long long way. 

So tonight when you’re watching Netflix, get out a pen and smash out some hand written cards.

It is also a good idea to include some sort of incentive to come into your salon when it re-opens like bring a friend and receive a free blah type message. 


3. Emails

Yes, send out weekly (even every 3-5 days!) emails. Again, it doesn’t have to just be "SELL! SELL! SELL!". Just communicate to them. Be authentic and just say hi. Educate them on different tips or services. There is an abundance of things you could communicate to them about. 

But send out those emails. 


The last thing you NEED to be doing during lockdowns is...

4. Look after your bloody self. 

I love love love Netflix and TV - right now I am really into quiz game shows - and sometimes I have no discipline and can very easily watch endless amounts of it. 

But by the end of the day I feel like sh*t (not like our Holy Sh*t glue 😂, just the other, less desirable type). I don’t like myself, I don’t move my body, I develop a negative viewpoint on myself, others and life and well … it just isn’t worth it. 

So find things to do like creating and working on your business. 

Associate with people who inspire & encourage you. Get rid of the wankers out of your life. Do things daily which push towards being the person you want to be!


Oh! I just thought of a couple more little things you can do while waiting to re-open! 

  • You could start a ‘Waiting List’ for clients to start booking in now (even if you don’t have a re-open date) with their preferred time(s) and start working out a schedule that you just press go to when you open. This would also give you a good prediction for future income, demand etc. 
  • In doing the above you could also take deposits to secure your placing - which would give you some sort of income presently. 
  • Maybe add incentives of offering some package deals. An example may be ‘Buy three refill’s and get your forth 1/2 price’ or something like that. 


Ok I am out of ideas now for this blog. Really, I just wanted to encourage you for the sake of your own future to do things to help your business which is to keep communicating to your customers 💙 

Please let me know if this helped, and as always, feel free to reach out anytime to us.

Jess x