#128 - MYTH BUSTER! The truth about Lash Lift and Brow Lamination

We love a good myth buster.


We've discussed some of the myths surrounding pro-made and pre-made lashes, now it's time to dispel the confusion around some lash lift and brow lamination myths. 


#1 A lash lift only lasts 1-2 weeks 

4-6 weeks is the standard and real answer here. Once you've had a lash lift which has been performed well and professionally, your lift will last 4-6 weeks. Just be sure to use the right aftercare. An aftercare serum, and cleaning your lashes daily will help retention and ensure you lift lasts for as long as 6 weeks!
Of course if your client isn't looking after them and doing heaps of saunas or really hot showers then it may not last as long.

#2 A lash lift will ‘fry’ the lashes

Locks Lash's formula is very gentle so it is extremely unlikely you will fry them using our products unless you leave it on for waaaay too long. Some lash lift products advertise themselves as 'fast' or 'express' options which basically means it is much more concentrated. We went with a gentle but still very effective option because we figure you and your customers would rather wait an extra minute or 2 for our products to process rather than run the risk of frying them!

A lash lift is essentially a perm for your lashes. This myth might have come about based on the fact that poor application and failure to prioritise aftercare can lead to brittle lashes, but the process itself is not dangerous or damaging.


#3 Lash lifts are only for people who can't get extensions

Not true. It is simple a matter of personal preference. Someone might just not like the feeling of having extensions on, prefer a more natural look, or want a service that takes 30-45minutes instead of 2-3hours!

#4 Lash Lifts are only for older people

We don't want to give too much attention to this big ol' myth. Just like colouring your hair, tinting your brows, or going to the movies, lash lifts are suitable for any age, young or old (ok maybe not a 2 year old). 


#5 You can’t have tint with a lash lift

This is a big myth and totally untrue! In fact, the addition of a lash tint will actually enhance the look of your lashes more! Many salons do this as part of the standard service.

ADDED FACT: Add Browgasm to tint mixture to have strengthening and keratin treatment with the lift as well. Also when you do a tint and a lift at the same time, it halves the tint wait time. 



#6 Lash lifts don’t work very well

ANSWER: They work on pretty much everyone. 

The only time it won’t is if there's a medical condition that affects the hormones such as pregnancy.


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