Offer Waxing or Threading?

Not sure which one to offer?

Read on and get the benefits so you can make the best choice for you!

With social media these days, there's always going to be people who recommend waxing over threading, and threading over waxing. But what you REALLY want to know is which one is right for you! 
Firstly, take the pressure away! There is no right or wrong answer here. Both services are great and do wonders in shaping brows. The only difference is which you prefer and which one your clients prefer. 
You have the option of offering one and being SUPER skilled in it. Or offering both and getting in more clients. It's your business and being the boss, it's YOUR CHOICE!


1. It's fast and efficient, and your skin feels awesome! 

A great selling point to offer waxing is that it's fast which in this biz, TIME = MONEY. So not only can you get through multiple clients in a day, but they will walk away feeling AH-MAZING!

2. Over time, your hairs become lighter and finer.

The technique of waxing is such that the hair attaches to the wax, which hardens, and then the hair is pulled out of the skin at its root. Over time and after multiple waxes, the hair that grows back actually ends up being lighter in colour, and much softer to touch.  

3. Waxing doubles as a skin exfoliant - hello 2-in-1 service!

This is because the warm wax removes all of the dead skin cells on the skin’s surface in one swift motion. That’s a 2-for-the-price-of-1 treatment, y’all! 

4. Limited regrowth between appointments

When clients can leave knowing that they won't have heaps of regrowth before their next appointment, this is going to add to their satisfaction from the service. It's great to be able to offer a service that leaves your client feeling really clean with lovely smooth skin!

5. Multiple techniques & options to choose with waxing!

This is a big one, there are so many different types of wax available; hard wax, soft wax, fruit wax, sugar wax and the newest option - Chocolate wax YUM!
In any case, you can choose what style you go with. You also have the option of being able to offer more waxing options than just the face - legs, under arms, arms and the nether regions 🫢 This means that you can offer even MORE services. And we all know that more services = more money.



1. Great results!

Precision is so achievable when it comes to shaping brows especially. The nature of the technique of threading (2 pieces of cotton thread twisting and catching the hair) is such a precise technique that you can really be precise with the shape of the brow. This is a huge benefit and will definitely lead to customer satisfaction.

2. The perfect solution to hair removal for sensitive skin

When you have a client who has sensitive skin, and you're only offering waxing... you may just lose that client. If, on the other hand, you can offer threading as well, then you're giving that client an alternative hair removal technique that they'll be super stoked about, because they won't have to shop elsewhere for the service!


3. No ingrown hairs!

Clients love to know that they're not going to come away from a service with ingrown hairs, something they have to deal with themselves. It's a comforting thought for them to know that they can rely on the effectiveness of the service, and not have to worry about any funky hairs!


4. Just Like Waxing... Quick and Efficient

Similarly to waxing, threading is really efficient when it comes to time. Threading brows can take as little as 5 - 15 minutes. The results are precise, and quick! 


5. It's an affordable service to offer

Threading is such an affordable service to offer. There is no unit cost, aside from time, and the material cost is so low, you can thread multiple clients in a day and make a great profit! Check out our Threading course page for a detailed image on the profits you can make!



 Guess what else is awesome?

At Locks Lash, we not only offer these courses for you to learn the service you choose AND start implementing it in your business, we also stock all the products! Click here for the products and check out the courses by clicking the pictures below:

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