Training Manuals | Classic Extensions

Are you a beauty/lash trainer or looking to teach others the craft?
Are you a beauty/lash trainer or looking to teach others the craft?
An essential part of teaching a class is the actual material for students to work from and to take home for reference.
Making your own can take months... but luckily for you you can now purchase the Locks Lash Classic Lashes manual!
EVEN better is we can put it in your colours and with your logo on it!
For a one-off charge you will get access to the manual we have spent over 10years compiling (in PDF form which you can then print) which also includes the design costs of making it your own colour and putting your logo on it! (if you choose)*.

Classic Lashes Manual Modules

The Classic Lash Extensions Training Manual is over 50 pages long and based on science
Module 1:
- Personalised / customised ‘Welcome to the course, about me/company, values etc’
- What are extensions, different types (classic, volume, pre-made etc)
- How to study this course
- Page for any additional information they want to give their students, maybe some special deals on referring a friend to their course, or a discount code for future courses or products etc - all customised.
Module 2:
- Data on SDS (MSDS’s) & the difference between consumer and professional products
- Lash Adhesive:
* Cyanoacrylate with full definitions
* How the glue works including temperature, humidity and pH
* Ways to control humidity levels in your environment
* How to store glue
* Cleaning bottle & tips to get longer life of glue
* What glue likes and doesn’t like
* Health & safety around Lash Adhesive
* Mixing glues, bad batches, strong smelling glue
Module 3:
(Including what used for, how to use, storage on each, health & safety etc)
- Tweezers
Module 4:
- Different types of lashes
- What lashes are made of
Module 5: 
- What to put your glue on
- How to use glue
Module 6:
- Lighting, sight & correct positioning
Module 7:
- Curls, Lengths & Thicknesses
Module 8:
- Rules & Tips on application
- How not to apply
- Most important rules for a perfect set
- Examples of correct & incorrect application
- Isolation and tips
Module 9:
- Health and Safety
Module 10:
- Consultations
- Client Contraindications
- Client Health and aftercare
Module 11:
- Gel Pad placement
- Debonder / removal
Module 12:
- Preparing the lashes for extensions
Module 13:
- Patch testing
- Allergies & Sensitivities
Module 14:
- Removal
- Refills
Module 15:
- The business
- Insurance
- How to set up business
- How much should charge
- Marketing / how to get clients
Module 16:
- Troubleshooting
- Tips for better retention
- Tips for increasing speed
Module 17:
- Designing sets
- Different eye shapes
- Lash mapping
*Terms and Conditions:
- Please note you cannot sell or redistribute the material in this manual other than giving it to your students to use.
- Designing your manual is limited to choosing one colour accent that will be added throughout the manual to make it more of your own and to replace all the Locks Lash logos with your own if you choose (It can be left as is). No changes to content or layout.
- You can also add an ‘About yourself/welcome section’ at start of the manual plus a page where you can put any advertisement or special deals that come with your course.
- Please note there is approximately a 2 week turnaround time from time of purchase to when you receive your personalised manual.