Applicator Swabs (Gluten Free)

Applicator Swabs (Gluten Free)
Applicator Swabs (Gluten Free)
$9.00 USD
Black / 50 $9.00 USD Quantity
Pink / 50 $9.00 USD Quantity
Black / 25 $6.00 USD Quantity
Pink / 25 $6.00 USD Quantity

These lil gluten free applicator swabs are great for applying debonder and removing those tricky lashes, for applying tint, for cleaning the eyelid area or applying barrier cream.

They're great because they don't leave any fibres behind & they're so handy to have around.

You can even use them to apply your favourite lipstick!

Comes in a pack of 25 or 50!

This product is intended for professional use only.

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