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Advanced Lash Styling Course
Advanced Lash Styling Course

Advanced Lash Styling Course

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Internationally Recognised Certificate*

24/7 Lifetime Course Access

Live Master Trainer Support 6 Days a Week

Internationally Recognised Certificate*

24/7 Lifetime Course Access

Live Master Trainer Support 6 Days a Week

*Licensing requirements subject to your region

Want to take your lashing to the next level? Our Advanced Styling Course is going to do just that!

Our course creators were one of the very first to have introduced eyelash extensions in Australia. Their knowledge & lashing skills are second to none. In this 100% online course, we deep dive into advanced techniques & application methods, helping take your sets to the next level & to a height of quality & beauty that you & clients only dream of.

*This course is suitable for experienced lash techs


This course has an optional kit to get you through the practical components of your course. See the Kit inclusions tabs below for kit contents.


✔️Internationally recognised course certificate*
✔️100% online learning (in-person training option also available)
✔️24/7 course access - study from wherever, whenever
✔️Access to your very own beauty trainer
✔️Lifetime access - stay on top of & be updated of new industry trends


👉 CALL US ON +61 3 9376 4426 to chat to one of our super-star training mentors

*Internationally recognised certificate is based on licensing requirements in your region


MODULE 1- Welcome & Introduction
> Welcome and introduction
> Glue Retention (+ sneaky Glue Bible Discount)

MODULE 2 - Lash Extension Weights & Retention
> Monitoring extension weights
> Taking out weight without compromising style
> An extension weights story

MODULE 3 - Isolation Techniques
> Isolation techniques (various)
> Eye taping
> Tape-back isolation

MODULE 4 - Application Techniques
> Application techniques (various)

MODULE 5 - Lash Styles & Styling
> Lash styles
> Lash style names
> Creating different effects
> Perfect lash sets

MODULE 6 - Beauty & Face Shapes
> Beauty is symmetry
> Face shapes
> Locks Lash purpose and downloads
> Download your face shape charts
> Face shapes exercise
> Do’s and don'ts for face shapes
> More face shapes drilling

MODULE 7 - Eye Shapes
> Different eye shapes
> Close, middle and wide set eyes
> How eyebrows fit in

MODULE 8 - Styling Sets To Your Client
> Understanding your client’s style
> Consultation sequence
> Make-up a style consult form
> Advanced mapping and styling
> Mapping tips
> Bottom lash application

NOTE: All submitted work and practical assignments will be reviewed by our team of master trainers


  • It is a requirement that students of this course are experienced lash technicians


Please note: Kit contents are subject to change without notice. What you receive may vary slightly from what is listed below due to stock availability

- 3M Medical Tape
- Holy Shit 3ml
- Volume lash tray
- Diva mega box of promades (1000fans!)
- Carry Bag


  • 12+ years experience
  • Beauty education leaders
  • Trained 15,000 students + counting
  • Course content regularly updated to include the most up to date industry information and trends
  • Our remote courses allow you to train from anywhere; all you need is a laptop, ipad/tablet or phone.


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4) Work through each module
It’s best not to skip modules or exercises. Doing so may hinder your progress and understanding.

5) Keep at it until you complete it!
If you have any questions, or require assistance, reach out to our remote learning trainers. They’re here to help you complete your course with ease!

6) Receive your certificate (If applicable)
you will receive a pretty, laminated certificate in the post when you completed the course and get passed from the trainers

7) Lifetime course access
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