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When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. 

When Lash Lift hands you lemons, there's a little more to it...

The FIRST thing you should do when anything goes wrong is find the 'why'.

Why did this occur? What can I do to fix this in the future? Rather than you having to go out and search for those answers, we've got them right here! 


  1. The glue isn’t sticking or does not seem to be working?

  • Is the glue old? You can tell it is old if it is very stringy/claggy
  • Using too much glue can make it take too long to stick and make it seem like it is not working
  • Did the clients lashes get cleaned with an oil free cleanser? The cleanser should be oil free otherwise the oils can make the glue not stick very well.
  • If none of the above maybe get the person to send through a photo with how much glue they are using and I can have a look
  • Some lashes are very stubborn and need a small amount of glue and then the lashes to be held down while the glue dries and pressed into place.


  1. The lash lift didn’t work?

  • lashes were thick or very straight and were not processed for enough time. For thick lashes you want 12-14 minutes and for very thick and straight lashes you want 14-16 minutes
  • Was enough solution 1 used? You want a good coating on the lashes so that you cant see the lashes underneath. Also the solution 1 is meant to go onto the mid section of the lashes but if the lash lift didn’t work then next time you can tell the person to put solution 1 on a bit closer to the root as they did so it lifts better than last time.


  1. Why is my client reacting? 

  • Usually reactions will be to the eye pads or the fumes of the solution 1 or the tint. It is very rare the reaction is to the actual solutions themselves unless they have been put in the clients eye. if any stinging occurs or a reaction, I usually remove the eye pads and fan the area and this usually makes it better. If after a minute it is still stinging then I would wash everything off.


  1. The Lash lift didn’t last?

  • This can be from the client wetting the lashes within 24 hours after the lash lift, using a sauna, rubbing their eyes etc…
  • Otherwise the lash lift wasn’t processed enough and next time leave the solution on a few minutes longer.


  1. The lashes got crispy/frizzy after the lash lift?

  • This is from overprocessing. One helpful hint is to get coconut oil and place on the lashes before bed and leave on overnight. This can rehydrate the lashes. This may help unfroze them. Otherwise they need to grow out and no lash lifting to be done over frizzy lashes are they are too weak.


  1. My clients lashes have been over lifted?

  • You can do a lash lift reversal, best to google search this as there are a few videos on the internet showing the procedure.



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