When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. 

When Lash Lift hands you lemons, there's a little more to it...

The FIRST thing you should do when anything goes wrong is find the 'why'.

Why did this occur? What can I do to fix this in the future? Rather than you having to go out and search for those answers, we've got them right here! 

 1. The Lash Lift turned out beautifully, but only lasts 1-2 weeks?

- Lash lift products (all brands) have a limited shelf life (see packaging on individual brands) and will gradually lose their effect resulting in the curve/lift becoming unstable, making sure you use up your lash lift sachets within 24 hours of opening will help guarantee the effectiveness and longevity of the treatment. 


2. The Lash Lift did not work?

There are several reasons this can occur, however the main ones are:

- Underprocessing the lashes. This can occur by not leaving the lifting solution on the lashes long enough. Some lashes are thick and stubborn and need the longer end of the processing time to be effective. The handling for this is to repeat the procedure in a week's time or next time you perform the lash lift, process the lashes a few minutes longer.

- The other thing that may have occurred is that you used too much glue on the lashes which can cause the solutions applied to not penetrate enough for a result. It is important to try and not use coat after coat of glue on the lashes when straightening them and placing them on the rod. Instead work in sections and don't place glue in a section until you are ready to work in that section.


3. Eyelashes are crossed after treatment or become crooked?

- The natural lashes were not combed (with a mascara wand) and not pressed straight and evenly onto the rod or shield. How the lashes are glued onto the rods/shields will determine how they look at the end so ensure the lashes are nicely pulled up, straightened and separated. 


4. The lash lift worked too well, creating too much of a lift/curl

- This can be fixed by repeating the lash lift, however this time you do not use the rods and lift the lashes, you comb the solution downwards from the top of the lash to the bottom, let it process for 3-5 minutes depending on how much reversal you want. When done, wipe off and then put your setting solution on and let this process for 1-2 minutes. Then rinse the lashes. This will reverse the lash lift to a degree and should fix the problem.


5. The silicone pads keep on moving & it’s hard to get the lashes to stick to the pad?

- This could be because the eye area and lashes were not cleaned fully and still have oil residue on them. Give them another clean making sure you are using a primer/makeup remover that is oil free. Locks Lash recommend Locks Primer.

- The other reason could be because your glue is old & losing it’s stick. Replace your glue.


6. Eyelashes are crimped or ‘swirly’ after treatment (pigtail curls)?

- You may have applied the treatment too far away from the lash line which will lift the lashes too late (near the tips). The lift treatment must be applied very close to the lash line so the lashes will be lifted straight away. 


This is caused from over processing the lashes and leaving the lift solution on for too long. If this occurs have the client apply coconut oil or a lash conditioner to their lashes at night and leave on while they sleep. This will rehydrate the natural lashes.