If there is one service that lash techs are losing out the most on, it's absolutely REFILLS!
Don't ever doubt the power of refills, they truly will boost your salon earnings like no other!
70% of clients that walk through your door are repeat customers, meaning they are coming back for a 2-3 week refill.
HOWEVER, we've seen time and time again that refills are one of the most underpriced services on offer in salons.
Refills are in fact where you are going to earn the bulk of your income from, so it is one of the most important services to figure out your pricing on.
It is your full set that you need to be more competitive in pricing with, as this is what is going to attract NEW customers into your salon.
Remember, refills keep customers.
 The best way to truely know how much you should be charging for refills is to work out how much it generally costs you as a small business to operate per hour. This is especially important to know as it will give you a base of how much you NEED to be charging to make a profit. If you need help working this out  then read this blog as it will easily guide you through the process.
 You should also know how much your competition is charging and what is generally accepted in your area. It is however a mistake to just assume that because your competition is charging $75 for refills then that is how much you should be charging. You don’t know their circumstances and operating expenses - they could be underselling themselves too! So be smarter than them and figure out how much you NEED to be charging.
 Typically salons will structure their refill prices around units of time; 2 week refill = $$. Or they do it by charging for units of time it takes to do a refill like 45mins or 1 hour etc - this way would only work if it can be guaranteed that a technician can work efficiently in that time unit.
Based on the above, you should have a good idea how much you need to be charging - and then add a wee bit more on top to make it really worth your effort.
It is your responsibility as a business owner to make sure you’re turning a profit and this is one of the best places to start.
Want a little tip in how to make even MORE money?
Get into the habit of re-booking a client's refill before they leave the salon.
Plus, offer some incentives to re-book;
  • Receive 10% off when you re-book for 3 or more refills (discount applied to last refill used)
  • Book 5 refills and get the 5th one free
  • “I’m filling up fast these days, so it is recommended to book your refill now”